14 January, 2013

Am I an Otaku?

Hey peeps!

So, when I returned from Australia, I was was going through my clutter (that I've packed away) and found some old things that were once so precious to me before lol.

I found old anime figurings and dolls that I bought ages ago and displayed them in my room xD

I started getting into anime at 13 years old. I blame my cousin for introducing Naruto to me! xD And other anime of course lol. 

Not that its a bad thing. It's just that, I became so addicted to it that perhaps I became *sort of* an otaku? Lol.

Wait. I don't think I'm considered full on otaku O.o

 I've never cosplayed before nor have I ever worn a kimino/yukata. I would love to wear it at least once though. It shall go on my bucket list! xD

Because of my addiction to anime/manga/dramas, I went to learn the Japanese language. I learned it for 2-3 years. Can't remember. Seems so long ago lol. Learned it with Amanda and Melissa. We were crazy Japanese freaks back then xD

I'm the first person to drop out from the Japanese class because I lost my passion and was really busy (SPM (O-level) year). I learned until an Advanced level back then. If I continued, I could have sat for the JLPT exam!! >< My sister and Melissa are at a higher level than me. I can't imagine how hard it was for them lol.  

Even in Swinburne University, I took up the Japanese Language for 2 semesters. But I hardly speak it since there's nobody to practice with (except my sister, Amanda and Melissa lol) therefore my Japanese is getting rusty lol.

Anyway, back to Otaku topic.

Check out my room xD

I was a huge fan of Gaara xD

Manga Collection. There's more than this but I've lent some to koibito lol.

Chibi Collection! xD
Okay maybe its not so much and bad xD But when I was younger, I had anime posters everywhere.

Especially Bleach lol.

And my favourite character from Bleach is......

Ichimaru Gin!! xD

Ahh he is so mysterious and cool! xD But that was before I knew he turned out to be evil with Aizen lol.

Second character I like is.......

Byakuya! xD  Ooops can't remember his full name lol.

He is mysterious and cool as well xD

Anyway, these are my jewelry/accessories that I'm currently using.

Aren't they cute? xD

And this is my new IPhone cover lol.

Going all pink heheh.

Besides that, let me write a bit about work.

Work is........ tiring lol. What sort of work do I do the whole day? 

Answer is Autocad lol. I use it so much till I'm getting tired of it @.@

Imagine the whole time (9am-6pm) X 5 days doing autocad. No wonder I've been complaining of headaches and back aches ><

I took some pictures at work lol.


The only work place (so far) that allows me to listen to music lol.

My skirt. Well actually its my sister's skirt lol.

That's all for this post. Hope you enjoyed reading! xD

Mirror me lol

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