22 January, 2014

Mia Care Acne Patch

I'm back with another review!

This time, the product is Mia Care Acne Patch.

I got to know about this product from Vivi - January 2014's issue. There was a free sample and I decided to give it a try :)

I'm sure you know that I've complained numerous times about my acne prone skin >< Sometimes I feel fed up and frustrated because no matter what I use, nothing can help my skin. And then, I tried this product and I believe its magical xD

Have no fear! This product is perfect for those who face acne problems! :D

Basically, if you have pus, apply the acne patch unto it, and it will be absorbed. I've tried it and it really works! :D

I took these photos to demonstrate;

Image 1:
I have a small acne with pus above my lips. It was a 'new' acne.

Image 2:
I've applied the acne patch unto my acne. Its a circular looking jelly sticker. Once its on your acne, press it gently to make sure it stays on firmly.

To apply the acne patch, cleanse your face thoroughly and apply toner/moisturiser. After that's done, you can now wear the acne patch :) 

This trial Acne Patch is for the Day series but I wore it before I went to bed and slept with it overnight.

The next morning, I checked the acne patch and it became white - my acne became like a white dot. So, I removed the patch and the top layer of my pus was stuck onto it. It was a bit wet and fresh (as though my acne just burst) but it didn't hurt at all. I wiped the remaining pus off my acne and it came off with one swipe. My acne was gone! My pus was gone! HOORAY! :D

I am so so happy to see my acne disappear overnight without pain! Plus, there's no scar

I finally have a solution for my acne and I feel so relieved ^-^

I told myself, I need more of this magical patch. Hehe. I went and bought myself a new pack :P

This time, I bought the Day and Night series :)

Where can you get this product? - At every Watson's outlet.

Plus!! If you have Vivi's January 2014 issue, you can get this product for 10% less the normal price!

Acne Patch for Day (12 pieces)              - RM9.90
Acne Patch for Night (12 pieces)            - RM9.90
Acne Patch for Day & Night (18 pieces) - RM13.70

A similar brand and function to this product is Nexcare/ Nexcare 3M. More info here.

I love the results on my skin! I will definitely continue to use it :)

Face similar acne problems as I do? Try this today! <3

And here's my polka dot haul lol.

Shorts - RM 39.90 at Brand's Outlet
Skirt - RM 15 at MCB, Time's Square

Also, if you enjoy shopping at Watson's, why not get their monthly magazine; GLOW? :D

The normal price costs RM 4, but if you are a Watson's member, you can get it for RM 3. That's a 3 bucks magazine full of beauty & fashion tips, exercise routines and articles! Get it today! :)

I'm lovin' this look from Vivi.

Vivi's Q&As answered with stylish tips! Oh, I so want to try them :P

Recently, I've been addicted to LINE stickers. They're all so cute! But the really cute ones costs money. Therefore I can't have them because I want them all :(

LINE Malaysia has released a new set of stickers! Malaysia Moon Special~

Its a free set of stickers consisting of stickers with Malaysian slang. Its funny in a way. Lol.

Me spamming my sister lol.

Here are the ones that I think are exceptionally super duper adorable but refuse to purchase. Lol.

So adorable xD

Anyway, my post has come to an end now. Thank you for reading!



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