24 November, 2013

Playing with Make Up

Warning : A vain post. 

After re-watching Pony's Beauty Diary -Burgundy Make Up, I became inspired to try her tutorial.

Why do I title this post; Playing with Make Up? Because I literally played around with my make up. Lol. Everything was trial and error. 

I enjoy experimenting different shades of colours and different make up styles. It gives me a better understanding of what suits me and what does not. Being perfect at make up is tiring >< Shouldn't applying make up be fun and not a chore? :D This is coming from someone who disliked make up before lol.

Anyway, I followed this video closely and was trying my best to imitate how she did her make up. And the result? Wasn't close at all ><

But it wasn't all for nothing. I guess I can say that I did learn a few new things. I still suck at
fake eyelashes though :P

Here's me without any make up.

And here are all the after make up photos.

I believe that it looks NOTHING like the tutorial even though I followed it closely >< That's because I didn't have some of the similar make up shades as she had. So I ended up improvising it with the make up that I had lol.

After looking at my before and after photos, my conclusion of make up is, make up = magic. LOL.

I've never worn this much make up out before. I applied this make up in my room, took photos and removed it later on. The most I've ever worn out are; mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrow, blush, and lipstick. No bb cream, foundation, fake eyelashes and so on.

This is how I usually look like when I go out. 

Not like this. Lol.

If I'm hardworking, I'll wear eyeliner. If not, its just eyebrow and lip balm :)

Here's what I used to create this look:

Face Products

1) Natio               - Pure Mineral Face Primer
2) The Face Shop - Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Make Up Base in Mint
3) Boujours          - Healthy Mix Serum, Gel Foundation in 52 Vanilla

Eye Products

4) Garnier         - Light BB, Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-On
5) Etude House - Proof 10 Eye Primer
6) Etude House - Vanilla Eye Shadow

Eye Products

7) Colour Combos Girl - Glittering Eyeliner in 01 Black
8) Etude House            -  Drawing Show Creamy Pencil in Burgundy
9) Essence                   - Eyebrow Designer in 04 Blonde

Eye Products

10) Fake Eyelashes
11) Essence - Get BIG! Lashes, Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara
12) Elianto   - Super Brilliant Colour Powder in 01 Bronze

Fake eyelashes close up. Sister bought this from a night market for RM10 if I'm not mistaken. Very natural falsies :)

Lip Product 

13) The Face Shop - Lovely ME:EX, My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint

Face Product 

14) Red Earth - Blush Pot in RD030

Face Product 

15) Daiso Disposable Powder Puff 

These are the items I used (from what I remember) when I was following the tutorial. I dug up whatever closests make up me and my sister had. But one thing I must say, the eyeliner (7) is a very terrible eyeliner (in my opinion)! It smudges very very easily, and it is not waterproof at all. When I applied it above my eye shadow, it just took over everything as if I didn't apply any eye shadow -.-  (I have not bought my latest eyeliner that time)

 Here are some pictures of another time when I was playing around with make up. Lol.

Yeah. There you have it :P

Its kinda strange on how I gotten interested in make up. Before this, I used to think; why does make up exist? Its so difficult to apply, time consuming, wastes money and etc. I just complained because I couldn't get anything right in make up. Plus, acne prone skin :( 

Thanks to my sister, I believe I got interested in make up because of her hehe.

The post has come to an end now. I shall end it with some food pictures :D

Till then, TTFN.


20 November, 2013

Face It - Water Proof Autoliner in Brown

Have you ever experienced using a BAD eyeliner?

Bad eyeliner as in; it smudges easily, non waterproof, non oil proof, does not stay up to minimum 2 hours on your eyes, when you accidentally touch your eye then its all ruined, stains your eye area, etc.

I have experienced such eyeliners before and trust me, they can cause you embarrassing moments -.-

But right now, I have found the perfect eyeliner of my dreams! And I want to share it with you! :)

It is the Face It - Water Proof Autoliner in Brown.

I bought this from The Face Shop at Setia Alam Mall for RM15 (anniversary sale). Since there's an anniversary sale at the moment, there are many make up items on sale with 10%, 20%, 50% and 70%. I bought a few other things from there as well. I'm so happy xD But right now, I need to cut down on buying make up. Should use up my remaining make up first ><

- Brand: The Face Shop
- Country of Origin: Korea
- Colour: Brown
- Weight: 0.3g
- Status: In Stock
- Waterproof, Smudge proof, Oil Proof, Heat proof
- No shimmer or glitter or pearl
- Matte and creamy texture
- Price: RM 29.90

- A super-strong waterproof eyeliner that does not smudge even by perspiration, water, sebum or
  hot steam
- Shields against everything! This super-strong waterproof eyeliner lasts for an extended period
  without smudging or smearing by perspiration, water or sebum as well as hot steam as
  waterproof, oil proof, heat proof, effects have been upgraded
- Creamy texture and more clearly defined coloration can create various looks; from a natural daily
  liner to an edgy, smokey line!
- Low irritating eye make up. Smooth application and talc-free, paraben free formula assure safe
  use on sensitive skin around eyes!

(Reference from packaging)

Even though it is said that this eyeliner is smudge proof, there is a condition to that. You have to let it dry first. Probably around 30 seconds. If not, it is possible for it to be smudged.

I have drawn 2 lines on my hand as an example. The bottom line is smudged because it wasn't completely dried. I left it at approximately 10 seconds and then smudged it to show you.

Even after it is smudged, when it is completely dried, it will not smudge again nor come off with water. In the image above, I took a photo of my hand after I washed it with water and tried smudging the top line. Both lines are still in place :)

I have personally tested this eyeliner. Each time I wore it (for approximately a minimum of 5 hours), it didn't smudge, didn't fade away from the oil on my skin, the colour didn't lighten, and it didn't get around my eye area. Plus, it is really easy to remove this eyeliner.

I am so relieved and happy that I was able to find an eyeliner that fulfills my needs. Hehe. Also, because of that, I'm trying to be hardworking to wear eyeliner more. Practice practice practice! :P

Are you struggling to find an eyeliner that serves it's purpose well? If not, why not give this one a try? :)

Here are some my OOTDs;



P/S: I know this is very similar to my previous post! But I just had to share my joy with you about this fantastic eyeliner! xD

13 November, 2013

Etude House - Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil

This post is a review about Etude House - Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil in Red/Burgundy.

- Brand: Etude House
- Country of Origin: Korea
- Colour Code: RD304
- Weight: 1.9g
- Status: Limited Edition
- Waterproof
- No shimmer or glitter or pearl
- Matte texture
- Price: RM39.90

Silicon & Film Polymer, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E 

Product Description;
- Enriched colour creates gorgeous eye look
- Creamy texture for both eye line and eye shadow
- Waterproof type strong against water and sweat to remain clean for hours
- Contains coconut oil and vitamin E for moisturised eyes

How to use;
- Remove oil of eyes and draw eye line naturally
- Smudge oil of eyes and draw eye line naturally (not really sure what they're trying to say but I    
  think they mean smudge it for a different effect)

(Reference from Korea Depart)

This product comes in 4 different shades;

(Image from Korea Depart)

I first saw this product at Etude House, Sunway Pyramid. I was quite interested because its something different than your daily black eyeliner and I was also inspired by a Korean Make Up tutorial. It costs RM 39.90 T^T That's expensive for an eyeliner but well, its limited edition. I hesitated for a moment and I decided not to buy it.

On my previous trip to Singapore, I checked out the Etude House at Vivo City and to my surprise, this product was slightly cheaper than Malaysia. Hence, I bought it at RM33.90.

What can I say about this product?

1) It has this sort of creamy texture which can make it a bit difficult to apply because, the more  creamy = the more it smudges.

2) The tip of the pencil breaks easily as well. I was quite annoyed with that because, when it breaks, the less I have left! I prefer to draw eyeliner with a pointy tip because I find it more precise and accurate to draw with, rather than a blunt tip. But it has broken twice now, therefore, I can't make it as pointy as I want it to be.
3) This product is said to be waterproof and yes I can confirm that it is. I drew a line on my hand (image above) and I've washed my hand several times with water and it didn't smudge or fade (I washed my hand normally without touching the line).

Next, I took one step further. I showered normally without touching the line. After the shower, the line faded drastically but there were still traces of it there. That was just an experiment I did hehe.

I mentioned above that I was inspired by a Korean Make Up Tutorial. It is the Pony's Beauty Diary - Burgundy Make Up video.

This tutorial really inspired me to try red/pink make up colours. I don't think red is an easy colour to wear on the eyes but she proved me wrong! 

She has many other tutorials which I find really interesting and inspiring. You can check them out here :)

So, what's your thought on burgundy make up? :)

Here's an OOTD before I end the post;