22 December, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2013

(I'm doing two posts today because I'm free now. Lol.)

Went to Comic Fiesta 2013!

This is my second time to CF. The first time I went was when I was 13 years old. At that time, CF wasn't such a big thing yet. 8 years ago, it was held at Sri Sedaya for two days. The number of people was fairly alright. It wasn't very crowded to the extent of being squashed. I could breathe and stretch my arms. 

As a 13 year old girl, I was a new anime freak. I was into Naruto and Bleach at that time so I went crazy and bought a lot of merchandise and figurings. I still have them today :D

I didn't see many cosplayers at that time nor did I stay back to watch the performances/competitions and so on. I do remember a live band though lol. 

As I attended CF 2013 yesterday, I was shocked to see how much it grew. It was so so so so so so crowded. I expected it to be crowded but not THAT crowded. Its definitely not how it was 8 years ago. I saw youngsters everywhere, and I somewhat felt old lol. Also, there were cosplayers everywhere!!! I saw mothers helping out their daughters get dressed. I was like awwwww.

Since I did not have a ticket in advance, had to queue for about an hour. And when I could finally enter the hall, the place was absolutely packed. It was noisy, crowded, smelled like sweat, and tiring. It really is worse than a night market. 

The never ending queue.

Don't get me wrong. I love anime. I love anything Japanese. And I love the fact that the people who attend CF are very passionate about it. I salute/respect those who put in so much time and effort into cosplaying. Its not an easy thing. Also, I'm so happy to see the anime kingdom grow so much! :D

Some photos I took;

Creepy yet elegant.

Super cute Lolita girls and their shop.

The things sold at CF are badges, artwork, bookmarks, posters, food, anime clothes, comics, anime DVDS, figurings, books, notebooks, and much more lol (can't remember now).

Its cool to see so many beautiful artwork. What more, the artist is there as well! Drawing right in front of you. So many talented artists. Awesome! :D

The overall experience of CF is eye opening because you get to discover much more anime, see what's up to date in the anime kingdom, and discover many awesome artists. But it was also a really tiring experience because you practically have to stand the entire time and squish around with other people. I was so worried that I would get pick pocketed ><

In the 8 years gap of not attending CF, I can really see how much it grew. From a small Sri Sedaya hall to many halls in KLCC. That's a huge improvement!

I hope more and more people will know the awesomeness of anime! xD

Some OOTDs;

Top//Sunway Pyramid, Skirt//Forever 21, Belt//Tempt

Cardigan//Thailand, Camisole//Cocolatte, Skirt//Stylix

That's all for this post.


Sephora Brithday Freebie

My birthday passed about a week ago. On the day of my birthday, Sephora sent me an email called Birthday Surprise :)

And when I opened the email, this is what I got;

Sephora has presented me with three birthday gifts! A Mini Make Up Palette, X2 Points on my next purchase and a Brow Wax & Shaping Service by Benefit. 

How does it work? - Present this email at any Sephora counter (either in Malaysia/Singapore), and you will receive the make up palette. Also, if you do not decide to purchase something at the same time, the X2 points will be burned. So basically, it only works once.

As for the complimentary brow service, there are only a few outlets that provide it. So, find the closest one to you!

Please bear in mind that you have to be a Sephora member to get this. Its a free membership, so why not sign up today? :)

Also, I'm not sure if you can get this every year or just this one time ><  I've been a member for almost a year now and I only bought a thing or two from Sephora lol.

Anywhere, here's the gift :D

Its so cute! I love how compact it is. Suitable for light traveling as it almost has all in one :D Yet to try them out.

Fits my palm.

Get yours on your birthday! :D

17 December, 2013

Forever 21

It was my 21st birthday two days ago! 

(Dad took this picture. His finger is in the way lol)

I think I had a rather simple birthday lol. I've seen a lot of people my age have big parties for their 21st. On my birthday, I went to church, napped and went out for dinner with my family. No big do or whatsoever. 

What I wore on my birthday;

Blouse and Skirt//H&M, Earrings//ASOS

Dress//Princess Polly, Flats//Tiamo, Bag//Guess?, Earrings//Colette

Had birthday dinner at Monte's, Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Xmas tree at Monte's.

And some Xmas Deco at BSC;

I love this! It is such a smart idea! Awesome eh? :)

Don't you just love Christmas Season? Makes me spend more unconsciously -.-

Anyway, I'm happy to be a December child. Your birthday may come later than everyone else, but, you remain younger when everyone else had their early birthdays xD I know a friend who's birthday is on the 31st of December @.@

Melissa got me a lovely gift;

My first ever MAC lipstick :) The rest of my gifts were jewelry.

I haven't blogged for over a week now. Firstly, remember I said was ill? Well I thought I got better until the cough came. Secondly, I was lazy lol. Third, I'm currently attending a workshop on Autodesk 3Ds Max Design Essential, so yeah, that's gonna take up 3 days. Tomorrow is my last day. 

And my wisdom tooth is hurting more than ever! T^T 

Also, I went out with Melissa for my belated birthday dinner at Namoo by the Park, Publika. The place is nice; good environment, tasty food, slightly pricy though.

The both of us had the same dish. And we had dessert later on. So yummy! We were really really full ><

Rice Burger

Rocky Road Chocolate Bar at Plan B.

This pretty much sums up this post.

A previous OOTD;

Denim Blouse//Romp, Panther Dress//H&M, Shoes//Nike, Watch//New Look

05 December, 2013


For the past 2 weeks, a lot of things has happened. And I'm here to blog about it.

1) Last Wednesday, I went for my first job interview

I was so so nervous. I couldn't sleep for 2 nights. The interview itself was quite tense and scary for me. There's a first for everything eh? Also, I wasn't expecting an Autocad test, which made everything much more stressful for me because I haven't been practicing Autocad since I graduated. Anyway, I was totally freaking out with the Autocad test (I had to draw an elevation) which made me really slow because yeah, lack of practice. Lesson learned.

2) Last Friday, I went to Hat Yai, Thailand with family

It rained a lot there which cooled down the weather. There wasn't any sunshine at all. It was super gloomy and cloudy all the time, but I was okay with it. Ate a lot, shopped and went for massages :P And I really love late night shopping xD

On the day we arrived at Hat Yai, we went for foot reflexology in the evening. The place was really crowded. We were lucky enough to get seats. So yeah, we sat down and waited a bit. Mum sat beside me. And then this rather cute Thai guy came and he sat at my chair; he's gonna massage me. Here's the conversation between me and mum.

Mum : Wah. You got such a handsome guy to massage you.
Me    : Ya hor. *Grins*
Mum : *Grins* I hope I get a handsome guy to massage me too. Don't want those old old man to             massage me.
Me    : *Laughs* What? You want handsome young guy to massage you? Come request. *Grins*
Mum : No need la. See who come and massage me. *Continues to grin* *Stares at my handsome              masseuse in envy* 

In the end, a woman massaged her. Lol.

3) I fell sick after I returned from Thailand :(

On Monday, I suddenly had the flu and sore throat. My mum thinks I caught a cold from Thailand. Been resting at home for the past 3 days and I'm all better now :)

4) My second molar tooth is growing ><

Being sick + having a terrible pain in your mouth. Couldn't get any better than this T^T This is my last molar tooth (hopefully) and its at the early stage of growing. Therefore, its really painful to chew around that area and it really aches! I remember when my first molar tooth was growing, I constantly had headaches and a terrible ache in my mouth :(

Okay most of it didn't exactly sound positive except for my handsome masseuse :P 

ITS DECEMBER ALREADY! Time flies so fast. But that's okay. I love Christmas season :) Christmas trees, lights, music, and deco are everywhere. This really sets the mood. To be honest, I love Christmas season much  more than Chinese New Year. Don't judge me! ><

Not only that, my 21st birthday is coming soon xD I have no plans so far. Was thinking of doing something small because I'm lazy lol.

Anyway, today, I watched Frozen with my brother.

I really enjoyed this movie! Its funny, cute and emotional. I love Disney movies xD 

We walked around Sunway Pyramid and I took some photos. With the help of my brother of course lol.

I didn't realise that I did a similar pose for both angel pictures lol.

Here's my OOTD;

Back to Basic X Denim X Nike
Top//F Block, Skirt//Thailand, Belt//Mum's Belt, Bag//Melbourne, Shoes//Nike.

This the end of this post.

My tired face. I hope I can sleep well tonight ><