05 December, 2013


For the past 2 weeks, a lot of things has happened. And I'm here to blog about it.

1) Last Wednesday, I went for my first job interview

I was so so nervous. I couldn't sleep for 2 nights. The interview itself was quite tense and scary for me. There's a first for everything eh? Also, I wasn't expecting an Autocad test, which made everything much more stressful for me because I haven't been practicing Autocad since I graduated. Anyway, I was totally freaking out with the Autocad test (I had to draw an elevation) which made me really slow because yeah, lack of practice. Lesson learned.

2) Last Friday, I went to Hat Yai, Thailand with family

It rained a lot there which cooled down the weather. There wasn't any sunshine at all. It was super gloomy and cloudy all the time, but I was okay with it. Ate a lot, shopped and went for massages :P And I really love late night shopping xD

On the day we arrived at Hat Yai, we went for foot reflexology in the evening. The place was really crowded. We were lucky enough to get seats. So yeah, we sat down and waited a bit. Mum sat beside me. And then this rather cute Thai guy came and he sat at my chair; he's gonna massage me. Here's the conversation between me and mum.

Mum : Wah. You got such a handsome guy to massage you.
Me    : Ya hor. *Grins*
Mum : *Grins* I hope I get a handsome guy to massage me too. Don't want those old old man to             massage me.
Me    : *Laughs* What? You want handsome young guy to massage you? Come request. *Grins*
Mum : No need la. See who come and massage me. *Continues to grin* *Stares at my handsome              masseuse in envy* 

In the end, a woman massaged her. Lol.

3) I fell sick after I returned from Thailand :(

On Monday, I suddenly had the flu and sore throat. My mum thinks I caught a cold from Thailand. Been resting at home for the past 3 days and I'm all better now :)

4) My second molar tooth is growing ><

Being sick + having a terrible pain in your mouth. Couldn't get any better than this T^T This is my last molar tooth (hopefully) and its at the early stage of growing. Therefore, its really painful to chew around that area and it really aches! I remember when my first molar tooth was growing, I constantly had headaches and a terrible ache in my mouth :(

Okay most of it didn't exactly sound positive except for my handsome masseuse :P 

ITS DECEMBER ALREADY! Time flies so fast. But that's okay. I love Christmas season :) Christmas trees, lights, music, and deco are everywhere. This really sets the mood. To be honest, I love Christmas season much  more than Chinese New Year. Don't judge me! ><

Not only that, my 21st birthday is coming soon xD I have no plans so far. Was thinking of doing something small because I'm lazy lol.

Anyway, today, I watched Frozen with my brother.

I really enjoyed this movie! Its funny, cute and emotional. I love Disney movies xD 

We walked around Sunway Pyramid and I took some photos. With the help of my brother of course lol.

I didn't realise that I did a similar pose for both angel pictures lol.

Here's my OOTD;

Back to Basic X Denim X Nike
Top//F Block, Skirt//Thailand, Belt//Mum's Belt, Bag//Melbourne, Shoes//Nike.

This the end of this post.

My tired face. I hope I can sleep well tonight ><


If you have any thoughts or opinions, feel free to comment as I am interested to hear from you! =)