25 September, 2012



I posted some of the jewelry that I have in a previous post. They were mainly necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories. 

Now I'm gonna post the earrings that I have. I have a lot more than this but there's too many to take pictures of lol.

My favourite pair :)

A gift from a friend :)

That's it for the earrings. Now I will post images of the clothes I bought recently xD

From Parade. Size 8. Love this top :)

From Hipster. Size S

From Ginger Tree. Size 8.

From Cocolatte. Size 6.

From Cocolatte. Size 6.

From Tempt. Size 8.
Some of the clothes aren't very new and some are very new lol. Right now I have a total of 4 peplum tops xD (Did I spell that right? o.O) 

That's all for now. TTFN,

24 September, 2012

Anime Photos 3/アニメの写真

It's been a while since I last post anime pictures lol. I have been busy with assignments, work, koibito and party xD 

Last Saturday, I went with a friend to a boat party somewhere at Docklands.
There was a fashion show and it was nice. Hot girls xD 
Drank a bit and that's about it. Instead of going to the after party at Hush Bar, we went to Pancake Pallor and had Alice in Wonderland Pancake. Yay xD

Will post up some images followed by anime xD

Sitting outside enjoying the view and looking at the stars. It was a chilly night lol.
Aren't we cute xD
(I'm not sure but we could have been the youngest there ^-^)

 The food that we ate before we got on the boat. Love the Calamari xD

Alice in Wonderland Pancake

私です :P
Now with the anime pictures xD

Love this pic :)

I just realised that all the anime pictures are girls. Except the goldfish picture lol.

I do not own any of these artworks. They are retrieved from the internet, mainly from www.weheartit.com. Do check that web out :)

Till then, TTFN.

19 September, 2012

All About Food/食べ物のこと

In this post I will post images of the food I've cooked, bought and eaten recently. Get hungry xD

Rice Seasoning from Fuji Mart

Rice Seasoning from Fuji Mart

The Onigiri that I made. Not very perfect but tastes good xD

Instant Miso Soup

Miso Soup

Panko from Fuji Mart


Chicken with panko that I've cooked. I made too much as if for a party lol

Korean Curry

Chocolate Moulds from Daiso

Milk Mochi

Aglio Olio with Meatballs made by me xD
Japanese Beef Curry at Don Don Sushi

Vietnamese Beef Pho

La Pizza

Korean Savoury Pancake

Fried Chicken

Japanese Beef Tataki
Salmon and Avocado Sushi 
Salmon Sashimi
Koibito cooked this xD

Cao Cao Green Yogurt Ice Cream
Elle's Ice Cream
Korean Side Dishes
Korean Fried Dumplings
Korean Soy Bean Soup
Korean Black Rice
Korean BBQ
Dessert at Dessert Story
Hot Chocolate
Desserts :)
English Breakfast Style 

Sashimi Platter
And this is a picture of me xP
Ooo I'm feeling hungry now after posting this images xD

That's all for this post. Till then, TTFN.