05 September, 2013

Daiso Black Eyelash Glue Review

Hello there!

I'm back with yet another review. This time its about Daiso's Black Eyelash Glue! :)

(I didn't know how to smile with this. Its so awkward. Lol)

Before I begin, there are a few things I would like to mention;

1) I never wore fake eyelashes before, therefore this is the first time for me - I'm not a professional! ><

2) This eyelash glue from Daiso costs RM5 and I'm not very sure if its safe to use @.@

3) The next day after I wore this, my eyes became very itchy. Its possible I had a skin irritation from something else or from this particular product

4) As I've mentioned in previous posts that I had acne prone skin, I'm announcing here that I have edited them away in these pictures lol

5) Lastly, I don't have double eye lids or so

Okay! Let's begin.

So, I thought wearing fake eyelashes would be very difficult (I can't even get eyeliner right -.-) but to my surprise, it wasn't so bad! Or maybe I was just lucky this one time lol.

I was browsing around Daiso one day and came across this eyelash glue. I thought it was interesting because, Black Glue? Lol.

Since its black in colour, it makes it look as if you're wearing eyeliner as well. That's what they said on the advertisement ><

So, yes I bought it and thought I should give it a try, Here's how the packaging looks like.

This particular Eyelash Glue doesn't come with a stick/wand for easier application but I thought it was alright the way it is. 

The fake eyelashes that I'm wearing are these:

I have no idea what brand it is. I just got it off some random shop in Melbourne for $2 lol. But as you can see from the picture (my sister also pointed this out), the band is really thick and big. Therefore it makes the eyelash 'heavier' on my eyes.

The result of me wearing fake eyelashes;

1) My eyes look bigger

2) I instantly have double eyelids 

3) I look more dolly. I feel strange lol.

4) My pupil/iris looks bigger and fuller as well. As if I'm wearing the Big Eyes Contact Lens.

Now let me show you the difference;

(The filters somehow vanished half of my left eyebrow)

Isn't that a huge difference? Lol. 

I can 100% promise you that I wasn't wearing any make-up at all except the fake eyelashes of course. Nor am I wearing any double eye-lid sticker or glue (I don't even know how to use them!@.@)

The Black Eyelash Glue plays a huge role as well. Its amazing how one small thing can change your appearance so much!

Don't mind me. I'm just being amazed. Its my first time after all. Lol.

Here's another reason why I think its cool - The glue doesn't leave any black traces on your skin after you remove the fake eyelash and glue. It also clumps together :) (Or was it supposed to be this way all the while? @.@)

Like this;

(Glue clumped together)

How was my first time wearing fake eyelashes?

I thought they were very heavy! Its like my eyes couldn't open to the fullest. Lol. And I have very itchy fingers; I felt like scratching them out ><

Regarding to what I mentioned above, my eyes felt itchy the next day. I kept on scratching them because they felt like tiny ant bites on my eye lids. So right now, I don't know if its just me who reacted this way or the product is not a safe one :(

If you ask me whether I would recommend this product, my answer would be a yes and no. Lol.

Why? Yes - I love the product and the result. No - I'm worried you might get the skin irritation as well :(

So its entirely up to you to try it!!

I hope this review has been helpful in any way.

Thank you for reading! TTFN!


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