05 August, 2014

3CE Travel Make-Up Brushes

Omg! I've neglected my blog for 2 months now! ><

Nothing much has happened since then; work is same same, a new project to handle since last month, koibito is back from Melbourne, and I've been spending a lot of money shopping ><

One of my purchases is the 3CE Travel Size Make-Up Brushes <3

Note: This is not an advertorial post. The written post is based purely on my opinion/thoughts and I have purchased it with my own money :)

I saw this baby on Groupon for RM59! I had to have it!

The brushes are really really soft! Very nice texture and really smooth!

To be honest, I haven't used them since I got them last month due to acne (as usual), but I thought I'd blog about it and share the love! :D

Though they mentioned that its a travel size set, its not as small as I thought it would be.

The above picture is to illustrate how big the brush is beside my Nivea hand cream lol.

This is my first set of brushes and my first purchase of 3CE :D

I'm just waiting patiently for my acne to subside before using these babies hehe.

You can get them here. Hurry! Limited time remaining! :P