30 June, 2013

Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearl Blush Review

Hey there!

Today's post will be a review about a blush that I bought recently. It is the Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearl Blush in Rose Pearl :)

Sorry for the blur image! ><

What made me buy this blush?

1) Cute Packaging
2) I've always wanted to test out this brand
3) It was on sale ($13+)
4) I've always wanted a shimmery blush

This is my first product from Physicians Formula and I enjoy using this blush :) 

There were two colours but I chose this one because the other colour (forgot the name) didn't have any difference on my skin.

More images of the product:

I find it really convenient that the packaging is made in such a way that there is a mirror underneath the blush with a compartment to store the brush. The brush is really nice to use (for me) because it is small and wide. 

The texture of the brush could have been better though. Perhaps it would be better if the brush was softer. I find it a lil' stiff and hard but its alright with me. 

After testing some of it on my wrist (below image), you can see that some parts of the blush isn't as shimmery as before. I think this is because most of the shimmer is on the top. But that doesn't mean that there isn't any shimmer left at the bottom. Maybe it was to make the packaging pretty or something lol.

I've tested it out on my wrist and this is how it looks like. Its not the best picture because it makes my wrist look like I have a bruise lol. FYI, there isn't any filter in this image.

I worn it a few times now and my skin didn't have any break outs or pimples after using it. That's a good thing! :D

The texture is slightly powder-ish but that's fine with me. When I apply it on my face, I look so healthy and radiant lol. 

I threw away the packaging box so I can't give much more detailed information. But as it says on the front packaging, its a mineral blush. I would prefer using mineral cosmetics because I know that at least it is somewhat natural.

I tried using mineral products before but it ruined my face with pimples -.- I have to be careful lol.

If you are interested in trying this product, I could say..try it at least once. It may react differently on your skin and skin tone than on mine. 

What I've written in this review was based on my personal experience and knowledge. I'm not a professional of any sort and I have acne prone skin. Therefore, not many make up products are suitable for my skin. 

Also, I'm not the best in reviewing but I hope this is understandable xD

That's all for now! Thank you for reading! :)

27 June, 2013

The Giraffe Cafe

Hello! I'm back with another post about another cafe xD

This time its more of a themed cafe. The Giraffe Cafe on Little Bourke Street, Melbourne. 

I went there for the first time with a friend after church. We passed by it randomly and decided to give it a try. 

The place is interesting and it is a fun place to chill and hang out. In terms of the food, its alright but perhaps a bit too salty? The price is reasonable as well so I guess its alright to visit once in your life? Haha.

What I think is really interesting about the design is that, there is a faux tree inside the cafe. A real tree would have been better of course. The tree makes the place feel so relaxed. At least to me lol.

And there are many plushies around. Hehe.

So adorable! I wanted to bring the rabbit home! ><

And there were more plushies that I found around the cafe. Lol.

And this was what me and my friend ate. Reasonable price but just too salty. But other than that, it was alright overall :)

Here are some Japanese snacks that I bought a while back at Fuji Mart :)

This gummy is shaped as a cat's paw. So cute xD

And now some other food that I ate :D

Don't they look yummy? xD I didn't eat all of these by myself. Mostly shared with a friend hehe.

By the way, I haven't had the time to blog much because I was so busy packing my things to move out of my apartment. I have already moved in with a friend and settled down. And that's why I can blog now :D

That's all for this post! Thank you for reading :)

22 June, 2013

Nama Nama

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Nama Nama Restaurant on Spring Street, Melbourne. 

I've been there about 3 times already and I really like the place and food. It is a Japanese restaurant and they're popular for their Udon and Bento. They have sushi and yummy desserts as well :)

(Images taken from previous posts)

It is quite pricey for me but I don't mind going back there once in a while.

What I really like about the place is also the fact that the waiters/waitress are Japanese. It is really authentic and I know I'm getting the real deal lol. Besides that, they use recycled materials for some  parts in the restaurant. I find that really cool and interesting :) Save the earth!

Recycled Milk Crates used as tables

Cardboard Menu

Recycled Milk Crates made into a small side table

Exterior View of Window Design

Isn't it lovely? :D I enjoy the atmosphere and the simple design. The food is really nice too :)

When I went there last week, I took these photos for an assignment which was related to Sustainability. So, I entered the shop around 3-4 pm on a Friday afternoon and I was the only customer. 

There was a Japanese waiter (he was cute xD) and I asked him which dessert is highly recommended? He recommended an apple cake and I decided to order that.

That's the cake :)
It was soooo yummy xD I really liked it. When I took a few bites, the waiter came and gave me a glass of hot soy milk. I was surprised because I knew that I didn't order that. I gave him a confused look lol.

He said he gave that to me because it goes really well with the apple cake. Oh my heart melted xD

He was nice and polite. Good service! xD

Not many of my friends know about this restaurant so I decided to blog about it :D It is worth a visit :)

That's it for this post! Thank you for reading :)


20 June, 2013

I'm back!

(This post was meant to be posted on the 15th June 2013, but due to me being busy, it was delayed lol)

I am so HAPPY to say that my final semester is OVER!! xD - feeling super relieved and happy :D

To celebrate~ the end of my finals, I went shopping today with a friend. A way for me to de-stress hehe.

But before that, I had intense and stressful moments of assignments. 

- Have been sleeping around 3-4am for the past week
- Been using the laptop continuously everyday (have aches and tight muscles)
- Been eating out a lot lately as well because I was too lazy to cook (its bad!)
- Bad skin! T.T
- Haven't seen koibito in ages :(
- Haven't speak to family in ages as well

The list goes on. I'm so glad its over now. Up next, graduation xD

2 days ago, me and 2 other friends pulled an all night-er to finish our assignment (which was due last Tuesday). We did not sleep at all. Started work at 11am and we finished everything at 9am the next day. Crazy much? Lol. It was the first time I did that and it was not good. Super sleepy and tired. Headaches and heavy head. I don't recommend anyone to do that but if there isn't a choice then no choice lol.

Even when I was busy, I still took pictures xD

FYI, a lot of cam whoring lol.

# OOTD 1

Necklace - Dotti at $2 (Sale)

# OOTD 2

Gold Sequin Peter Pan Collar Chiffon Blouse - Ebay at $9.50

You can check it out here.

# OOTD 3

When I was wearing this, I didn't realise that I was wearing the same colours as Ronald McDonald ><

# OOTD 4

# Pout Fail

1) Cardigan - Cocolatte at $8
2) Necklace - Colette at $ 9.95

By the end of this month, my contract to my apartment ends therefore I have to move out! :(

I will be moving in with a friend but in the mean time, I'm clearing my stuff and cleaning the place. And while packing, I just realised that I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF! I'm so worried now that I can't bring them back :( 

I even sorted out what I am gonna give away and what clothes I'm gonna donate. Bye clothes :(

Wanna see my room? Lol.

That was before. I've cleaned and tidied up the place already. At least for now. Lol.

# OOTD 5

1) Pastel Purple Blazer - Jay Jays (forgot price)
2) Necklace - Diva at $5 (Sale)

# OOTD 6

Blouse - Ebay at $8.83

You can check it out here.

Iphone 4s Case - Ebay at $1.78

You can check it out here.

That's the last of my OOTDs for now.

A few weeks ago, me and two other friends visited a church for fun. And mainly photography. I love historical churches :)

If only Malaysia had churches like this :( They are so beautiful and peaceful. I have to visit UK and Europe one day to see more of these :)

There was a beautiful garden filled with roses and other flowers which was like heaven for me. It somehow felt like it was food for my soul hehe.

Okay, I shall end it here. I will continue blogging soon! :D