06 June, 2014

Goodies from Tokyo

Finally a blog post since ages!

I have been so busy and tied up with other things that I totally forgot I have a blog lol.

A quick update;

1) House renovation

My parents are gonna get our house renovated. So, we had to packed all our things, threw loads away, and shifted into a temporary home to let that happen. Was so busy last week moving some furniture over - only the ones I could carry lol. 

I'm in charge of drawing the plans and space planning as well. Busy busy busy.

2) Work

The project that I'm involved in went into Documentation stage a month ago - was so stressed and busy! Preparing for Tender phase in the mean time.

3) Movies

I have watched X-Men Days of Future Past and Maleficient recently. Really interesting concept, good graphics and interesting plot. Ratings may boo Maleficient but I thought it was nice lol. I'm keen to browse MAC's limited edition Maleficient make up range xD


Back to Goodies from Tokyo, they're basically the things I bought whilst at Tokyo. I miss Japan! :(

You can't come back without snacks!! xD

Strawberry, Dark and Green Tea Kit Kat is super cheap there. Bought each pack for less than RM10.

Ma Cherie Moisture Shampoo - 550 YEN
Bifesta Moist Make Up Remover - RM25 (can't remember the price in Yen)
Kiss Me Eyebrow Mascara - RM25 (can't remember price again)

Fake Eyelashes from Kiddyland - 650 YEN
Hello Kitty Case  from Daiso - 100 YEN (best buy ever)

A floating Snow White dress from Tokyo Disneyland - 700 YEN

Trinkets from Meiji Shrine

Kinokuniya purchase - 1,500 YEN

Pompompurin Bag from Shimamura - 1,000 YEN
Minnie Mouse Anniversary Key Chain - 1,400 YEN for 2

Okayyyy.... I bought way more stuff than this lol. Its either I forgot to take the photos or I totally forgot about it ><

I've been forgetting things recently, perhaps due to stress ><

Forgive me.