28 January, 2013

Out with my girl

Last Sunday, I had a girl's day out with Melissa!

We went to Setia Alam Shopping Centre. Ate at Secret Recipe for lunch and shopped after that. 

We were in H&M for about 1 hour plus xD Looking slowly and trying on clothes. 

Ah. Retail therapy always works xD Though its a bad solution to stress, I bought a few things xD

Here are some pictures!

Pretty Bestie! 

Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs and Earl Grey Tea

Neon Pink Scarf from H&M, on sale at RM10

White Floral Lace Skirt from H&M
 Will be wearing this during Chinese New Year xD If white colour is allowed ><

Close up
Neon Pink Necklace and Earring set from Lovisa, on sale at RM10
Close up on earrings
Close up on necklace
 Original price of this set is RM 69.90.

Crystal Peter Pan Collar Necklace from Lovisa, on sale at RM10

Close up
 Original price of this necklace is RM 81.90. So expensive ><

Crystal with Neon Pink Studs Necklace from Lovisa, on sale at RM10

Close up
Original price of this necklace is RM 55.90.

I'm really happy that I was able to get these gorgeous necklaces at such a good price! xD

If it was at it's original price, I think when I look at the price tag, my eyes would have bled @.@

Just so you know that Lovisa is an Australian brand if I'm not mistaken. I've been into a few outlets of Lovisa at Melbourne and it was expensive as well ><

By the way, RM10 is equal to A$3.15 :)

Durian Cendol at Sweet Chat
We had some dessert before we went home. I love this Durian cendol! xD But it was just too sweet ><

And this is a picture of me with the attempt of curling my hair with my curl tongs. It failed somewhat xD

Some of it were out of place and the curls didn't last long. My hair is tooooo straight. Like seriously -.- Its so hard to braid my hair or to tie it into a bun because it can't stay still. Too slippery. No kidding o.O

Well that's all for now! Thank you for reading :)


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23 January, 2013


Last Tuesday was Sze Mun's birthday! xD

It's been ages since I last celebrated anyone's birthday. I kinda miss it :(

I've known her since I was 13 during high school. Its been a really long time since we met and I'm glad that we're still acquaintances xD

A bunch of us went to Plan B at Paradigm Mall to have dinner with her.

Its the first time I met up with her since I returned from Australia @.@

Here are pictures of us! xD

The adorable birthday girl xD

Making a long wish lol

Still wishing xD

Here comes the awesome 'birthday cake' xD

 Its so cute I just had to upload 2 pictures of it xD

Well its basically a bunch of desserts on a plate. But they're so yummy! xD Credits to Yu Yang :)

Sze Mun and Patrice

From left; Yu Yang, Sze Mun and Patrice

A cute picture of the girls :D

And the guys lol

Me and koibito xD

Me and cute birthday girl! xD

Well that's all for this post. Thank you for reading! xD

Oh my shoes. At work,

And oh my skirt lol

Till then, TTFN! 

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21 January, 2013

Royal Herb EX Cream Review

Hello there!

In this post, I'm gonna review a skin care product called Royal Herb EX Cream.

This is my first review of a product lol.

I've received a tiny sample to try out from my mother's colleague. If I'm not mistaken, she gave this sample to me after seeing my face condition (which is bad).

It is a very interesting product I must say. It's the only product I ever come across that has gold dust in it lol.

I'm not sure why I can't find the official website of this product. Therefore I will briefly explain whatever I know of this product (which isn't much lol).

Or you can refer here for (proper) information at Bellabox.

This product is from Japan. It is available at Sephora outlets.

The first time I saw this product (before I received the sample), I thought it was a very cool product. It looked sophisticated and yes its very expensive lol.

If I can recall, I think the price I saw for the average packaging costs about RM300-500. I'm not sure of the exact amount but its roughly around there.

Referring to the time I was at Sephora, I tested a small amount of it on my hand and I thought it was alright.

It has a gel-ish texture. The gold flakes will dissolve and disappear into your skin once you start massaging it in circular motion.

The scent is decent and not too strong which is a good fact.

This is how the original packaging looks like.

Based on the piece of paper that came together with the sample, these are the benefits of the product.

And here are the instructions on how to use it. 

So on the day I received it, I immediately tried it at night after washing my face and applying toner and moisturiser.

How was it for me?

Well, after applying a small amount on my face, my face felt really sticky and oily

It took some time for it to absorb into my skin therefore leaving my skin feeling very slimy.

Because of that, I kinda dislike it because I really do not enjoy slimy, sticky and oily products on my face and skin. 

Other than that, when I woke up the next morning, I had a new pimple growing around my chin area and I had a red, blotchy patch underneath my right eye (cheek area).

Ever since then, I was afraid to use it because of what it done to my face.

This was how my skin reacted to this product but it may react differently on your skin. 

My skin's condition is a combination of oily and dry and it is very prone to breakouts and acne. Therefore using the right product for my skin is very important.

I'm so jealous of people with good skin T.T

That's all for this review. Will keep you posted! 

Hello Kitty Lamp in my room xD
Random Photo lol.

Till then, TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now)

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18 January, 2013

December and January Haul

For the month of December and January, I guess I can say...

I bought a lot lol.

Well, technically January hasn't ended yet so, its possible that I might shop more xD

In this post, I'm just gonna post some pictures of the items that I bought and the Christmas gifts that I received.

Note : I do not mean to brag or show off. If you feel/think that way, please do not read. 

So, I bought a mixture of beauty care products and clothes.

 Will show you now lol.

From the left to top;

1) The Face Shop - My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint in Juicy Red from The Face Shop

2) Color Play Perfect Eyebrow Pencil in Shade 02, Brown from It's Skin

3) Sexy Look Hello Kitty Ivy Moisturizing Mask from It's Skin

4) Marks & Spencer Ingredients Lip Butter trio for Soft Nourished Lips from Marks & Spencer (a gift from Aunt)

From the left bottom;

5) Eleanor Rose Hand Cream from Sasa

6) Spring Eyelash Curler

7) Liese Designing Jelly in III - For an Airy yet Defined look from Aeon Pharmacy

8) Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Jelly Water Base in SPF 30 PA+++ from Aeon Pharmacy

9) Urethane Hair Roll 3P from Daiso

I will have to find the time to review these products. Stay in tuned for upcoming reviews! :D

These are the Christmas gifts that I received in 2012 except the mug which was a gift for my birthday (in December also lol).

From Left to Right;

1) Pink Floral Underwear from La Senza (a gift from my neighbour)

2) Pink Jacket with Pearls and Flower design (a gift from my brother)

3) Ceramic Mug (a gift from a friend, Keenan)

4) Burberry Clutch Bag (a gift from Melissa)

Koibito gave a pink jacket for my birthday present but I've packed it into my suitcase so I'm not able to show a picture here :(  Maybe in upcoming posts I will xD


From Left to Right;

1) H&M Glitter Sequin Dress from H&M

2) Neon Coral Peplum Top from Forever 21

3) Brown Mini Skirt from Padini (a gift from koibito's mum xD)

The skirt is supposed to be brown but it appears to look black in this picture lol.

From Left to Right;

1) Body Roller from Daiso

2) Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion Makeup Remover from Watsons

3) Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip in travelling size from Sasa

4) Mini Miniature Watch from Penang

This is a close up view of the Mini Miniature watch.

I bought it from a flea market in Straits Quay, Penang. The watch's mechanism comes from Citizen, Japan whereas the design and parts of the watch comes from Korea.

I love this watch! xD

From Left to Right;

1) White Floral Printed Tube Dress from F Block

2) Navy Skin Tight Dress from Forever 21

Moustache Necklace in Gold from Forever 21

Well, that basically wraps up of what I bought/received in these 2 months. Or at least I think this is all? Lol.

But yes, I will find the time to review the beauty products that I bought. I've started using some of them already. I look forward to review it xD

By the way, this is not an advertorial post lol.

Me camwhoring in the Forever 21 fitting room lol
That's it for now!

Thank you for reading. TTFN!

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16 January, 2013


Dear Ladies,

Are you in a relationship or being single?

Despite your answer, I'm sure we (Ladies/Girls) know how to spot a Gentleman.

Being a Gentleman, towards a Lady that is, its really about what you say, do and consider towards the other person (or maybe that's how I feel lol).

Not those olden days kind. But you know xD

I'm not saying all guys have to be this way. I'm sure everyone is unique in their way and have a special trick up their sleeve ;)

I was browsing We Heart It and I came across some 'Gentleman Rules'. 

I'm not sure if these pictures are done by a male or a female, but whatever it is, its accurate lol.

Accurate as in, I would love it if a guy (third party example) did these things for/to me. 

Then again, all this depends on each individual. But for me, yes! xD

Let's see what I found lol. (Not in sequence by number)

What did I tell ya? Yes? No? Lol.

I personally think all these things are good.

But a guy should not be too clingy, dominating, controlling, sensitive and emotional. Unless the girlfriend has specifically asked for all those requirements, please do so.

But please leave sensitive and emotional to the girls -.- or just leave it out.

 Girls should show this to their boyfriends lol. (If you want to of course. Not saying you must!)

I used to know somebody who didn't believe in marriage and relationships. Well, he didn't believe in the commitment and  the weight of one.

 He said to me before, "Why can't people just be lovers without getting married?".

Okay, for people who have this view and opinion, I respect your choice. What I'm saying is purely based on my opinion.

After he told me that, I was thinking, "What's wrong getting married?" Lol.

Sure there's lotsa commitment. Some couples got through a rough patch and break things off. 

I'm not married and I'm not a specialist or anything. But my instincts tell me that, if you really want it, you will do whatever it takes to make it work. 

Go the extra mile.

Go all out. 

Blast the effort. 

Some people just don't want it anymore because they're tired or trying. 

Anyway, interested to know who is the guy who didn't believe in relationships? xD

Well, he is my koibito now xD 

That talk was when we were still friends lol.

Just to let you know, this post isn't meant to offend anyone in terms of treating their girl. And I do not mean to pressure anyone to be this way. It is just my opinion. 

Be creative! xD

One last thing, no matter what, I dislike guys who cheat and lie!! Black list lol.

Till then. TTFN!

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