16 January, 2013


Dear Ladies,

Are you in a relationship or being single?

Despite your answer, I'm sure we (Ladies/Girls) know how to spot a Gentleman.

Being a Gentleman, towards a Lady that is, its really about what you say, do and consider towards the other person (or maybe that's how I feel lol).

Not those olden days kind. But you know xD

I'm not saying all guys have to be this way. I'm sure everyone is unique in their way and have a special trick up their sleeve ;)

I was browsing We Heart It and I came across some 'Gentleman Rules'. 

I'm not sure if these pictures are done by a male or a female, but whatever it is, its accurate lol.

Accurate as in, I would love it if a guy (third party example) did these things for/to me. 

Then again, all this depends on each individual. But for me, yes! xD

Let's see what I found lol. (Not in sequence by number)

What did I tell ya? Yes? No? Lol.

I personally think all these things are good.

But a guy should not be too clingy, dominating, controlling, sensitive and emotional. Unless the girlfriend has specifically asked for all those requirements, please do so.

But please leave sensitive and emotional to the girls -.- or just leave it out.

 Girls should show this to their boyfriends lol. (If you want to of course. Not saying you must!)

I used to know somebody who didn't believe in marriage and relationships. Well, he didn't believe in the commitment and  the weight of one.

 He said to me before, "Why can't people just be lovers without getting married?".

Okay, for people who have this view and opinion, I respect your choice. What I'm saying is purely based on my opinion.

After he told me that, I was thinking, "What's wrong getting married?" Lol.

Sure there's lotsa commitment. Some couples got through a rough patch and break things off. 

I'm not married and I'm not a specialist or anything. But my instincts tell me that, if you really want it, you will do whatever it takes to make it work. 

Go the extra mile.

Go all out. 

Blast the effort. 

Some people just don't want it anymore because they're tired or trying. 

Anyway, interested to know who is the guy who didn't believe in relationships? xD

Well, he is my koibito now xD 

That talk was when we were still friends lol.

Just to let you know, this post isn't meant to offend anyone in terms of treating their girl. And I do not mean to pressure anyone to be this way. It is just my opinion. 

Be creative! xD

One last thing, no matter what, I dislike guys who cheat and lie!! Black list lol.

Till then. TTFN!

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