17 February, 2013

Pangkor Trip

Hey all!

This post is about my previous trip to Pulau Pangkor with friends :)

We went on 1st Feb, Friday and came back on 3rd Feb, Sunday. 

There was a total of 10 people and the guys took turns to drive. The scenery was overall beautiful, calming and relaxing. There were many foreigners mainly Australians and Europeans. I think lol.

Pangkor Island is popular for its water sports and beach. I wanted to go kayaking with koibito but my time of the month had to come during that time :(  Luckily I swam for a bit before it came. 

And I hate sea water -.-

I used to swim with my family by the beach when I was a kid. And there was a time that I accidentally swallowed sea water and vomit it out. Ever since then, I just dislike it so much -.-

Besides that, the place we stayed at was plain horrible. At least for me. It wasn't well maintained and it was dirty and disgusting -.-

There were 10 of us and we rented 2 rooms. Each room only had a Queen size bed. So 2 people goes on the bed while the rest sleeps on the floor lol. We rented extra mattresses but they didn't come with bed sheets. Other than that, I think the pillows that we rented were stolen -.- 

Wanna know what else?

The room didn't come with a rubbish bin and toilet paper. And there was sand constantly in the room. The worst part is that there were red ants on the bed and everywhere too -.-  I was bitten on my foot -.-

When we booked the place (which was last minute), we didn't expect it to be that bad. But now lesson learnt. Always book early lol.

Okay enough of me complaining. 

Here are some pics;

I couldn't go into the water and play because of my time of the month ><

Pic of me with koibito watching the sunset. Posers xD

Oh by the way, we ate loads of seafood during the trip! xD I'm allergic to prawns and crab but I couldn't resist not eating lol. Had to take medicine first though ><

Sadly I do not have pictures of the food :(

Well, enough said of this post.

That's all for now. TTFN!

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