20 February, 2013


Hey there!

I know I said I would update about my latest hair cut and this is it! xD

 Okay.. I don't think this picture shows it properly. More like a teaser lol.

This is my hair before cutting. Quite long actually ><

Behind view.

I've rebonded my hair in 2011 and it has lasted till now. So my hair is really slippery and straight. But its too straight and heavy till my hair gets pulled down and makes my hair look flat. It wasn't layered as well which adds the extra weight. 

It such a pain during winter lol.

Besides that, I've dyed my hair as well xD

I've decided to try Beauty Labo Shake and Scoop in Milky Beige. Its really easy to do plus I'm happy that the colour managed to appear on my dark hair lol.

I tried hair mousse dyes before in Melbourne and it did not work at all. The brands I tried before were Loreal and Schwakopf. Not only that, I bought blonde hair dye and it did not work -.-

I trust Japanese brands more lol.

I used 2 bottles of this product for my long hair and then only cut it short. 

What you must know about this product ;

1) It is a DYI hair dye

2) It had a very very strong chemical smell when I applied it to my hair

I'm not sure what chemical was that but it had a super strong release and it made me hard to breathe. 

Other than that, it was prescribed to leave the dye on your hair for 30 minutes but I left mine on for about an hour. I know I shouldn't have but I was worried the colour would not appear after such a short time ><

This is my hair colour under light. Not sunlight. It will be brighter under sunlight lol.

So what I can say about it is that;

1) I know it definitely works (I was quite skeptical that it wouldn't)

2) It is damaging to your hair no matter what

3) It may cause dry hair and itchy scalp

4) Hair loss may occur

I've been advised to stop dying my hair and I will stop. Though I've always wanted to try dip dye with pastel and wild colours T.T

I also realised that my hair has been thinning. Not to mention that I have oily scalp plus dandruff. Because of that, I will have to really stop dying and other unnecessary treatments. Have to take care! ><

This is a better picture of my hair I guess lol. The colour isn't very obvious in the picture though.

Enough of hair. 

Here are some yummy thai food that me and koibito had on Valentine's day xD

Fried Sotong (Squid)

Seafood Tom Yam Soup

Bangkok Style Omelet
Thai Coconut Juice
All of them are so delicious. I have to go back once again before I return to Melbourne! ><

The restaurant is called Phad Thai at Taipan USJ. I hope I spelled it right lol.

That's all for now. Till then, TTFN!

#Quite True Fact? 

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