29 March, 2013

Good Friday

Hiya! :)

Thank you for even looking at this! 

This post will be slightly different than the others. There will be more reading than ever. Its a lil something that is important to me that I thought it would be good to share about it :)

It was Good Friday yesterday and I attended Urban Life at the city. 

What is Urban Life? Well it is basically a Christian cell group made up off university students and young adults. 

Urban Life belongs to Planet Shakers. I'm currently attending Planet Shakers church at the city every Sunday. Previously I attended Full Gospel Assembly Melbourne (FGA Melbourne) at Box Hill. It was quite far for me to travel considering where I live so I decided to follow a friend to try out Planet Shakes around mid year last year. 

And I really enjoy Planet Shakers :D It was a really good experience for me :)

In Malaysia, I attend Full Gospel Assembly USJ (FGA USJ).

As I was saying about Urban Life, I attended UL yesterday morning and we had a very good sharing and discussion.

The topic was, Our relationship with God and how do we communicate with Him.

I know this is a quite out of no where post about God but I felt that it was a powerful and meaningful message and that I should share about it.

So, as uni students, we are rather busy with assignments and we're constantly stressed out with deadlines. Sounds familiar? I can relate xD

Sometimes we're so busy that we delay or neglect talking to God. I do that sometimes :( Its bad ><

How can we communicate with God? Via prayer, reading the bible, worship or by talking to the Holy Spirit.

Today, our leader shared that there are two tiny voices in our heads. One voice is gentle, quiet and patient. Whereas there's another voice that is quick to convince,manipulate and whiny. The gentle one is the Holy Spirit. The whiny one is the enemy a.k.a the devil or Satan.

Example scenario and this is a real scenario that happened to me.

Scenario; One day I was walking to Coles to buy groceries. While walking there, there were two homeless man (sitting separately) sitting on the ground, with their heads facing down and with a small cup in front of them. As I was walking, I heard a voice telling me; "Rachel, give them $10 each.". And I felt this powerful urge that I SHOULD give. It just came over me that I felt that that was what I NEEDED to do.

But then I heard another voice telling me; "Rachel, you don't know if they're really homeless. What if they're scams? They could be bluffing. They may take your money and buy cigarettes instead of necessities.".

All these thoughts just came gushing in and it conflicted with my urge to donate money. This is called a battle of the Holy Spirit and the enemy in you. It is purely your choice to decide what to do and what you listen to. 

And in the end, I DID NOT DONATE. Even when I felt a powerful urge to. 

Another scenario from me; When the day is over and its time for bed, deep down inside I know I should pray and thank God for all He has done. 

And sometimes I will get this urge telling me, "Rachel, you should pray.". But then as usual, a whiny voice appears and tells me, "No you don't need to pray today. You can always pray later. You're tired now and you need to sleep". And so, I did not pray and just fall asleep after that. 

Before I came to yesterday's UL, I was not aware of the two voices in me. Or maybe I was ignorant. But now that they made it clear to me, it all seems so true and now I just realised that I HAVE BEEN IGNORING THE HOLY SPIRIT. For a long long time. I've been giving in to the enemy.

When we were praying yesterday, I asked God and the Holy Spirit to forgive me for being so ignorant and blind. I asked for their guidance and help. I thanked the Holy Spirit for showing me kindness and patience all this while and I apologised that I could not identify and differentiate the two different voices. 

And when I prayed, I felt so cold. Not that the weather was cold but I felt cold all over. And that was when I felt God's presence. Everybody reacts differently to the presence of God and in my case, I feel cold and I will start to cry. I began tearing up and I was sobbing slightly. I know then that God has heard me and has forgiven me. 

If you're facing similar incidents as me, I think its really good to get yourself alone in a quiet room and just cry out to God. Be it, talking out loud, speaking in tounges, singing, praying, playing music, etc. Trust me. If you really want it, God will hear you. 

I'm not an expert in this and I'm not a super religious and righteous person but what I'm sharing is based on my experience and understanding. I'm human and I sin too.

I'm sorry if all of these seem so complicated and untrue. But God has been so good to me that I can't thank Him enough. 

I have a few testimonies but I shall share them in another post because it might get too draggy and repetitive.

That's all for this post. 

I really hope that this post is useful and helpful in any way. I also hope that it will be inspiring and a good sharing. 

Thank you for reading :)


27 March, 2013

Easter Break

Hey all!

I know that I have been MIA for quite a while. Sorry bout that! >< 

Its just that I've been really busy with assignments and chores? Lol. 

Or maybe I was just plain lazy xD

Last Friday, my dad and brother came to Melbourne to visit me. It was a short trip. It was good while it lasted. I was the tour guide lol. And the three of us were so cramp in my tiny apartment. It was so messy as well! @.@

I can't stand things being messy, unorganised and unclean lol. I must tidy up and keep things nice and neat. Hehe. Well, my room is 90% neat and tidy now. I just have to vacuum it and do the laundry lol.

Just this morning my dad and brother returned to Malaysia. How funny. Because I just started my Easter break lol. For one week. Ahh.. holiday feels so good xD Even though I just started uni one month ago, I feel so stressed and lazy already. And that is very very bad. Don't be like me xD

Since I was free today, I went shopping after class. Cat's out of the bag lol. I shop too much >< And it feels so good to just relax and watch my drama series while painting my nails. Hehe.

Currently, I'm watching Vampire Diaries Season 4 and Suburgatory. I told a lot of people to watch Vampire Diaries but most of them are skeptical saying its childish and rubbish lol. I managed to convince a friend to watch it and she loved it xD Oh well, preference.

Previously(over the years) I watched Heroes, Gossip Girl, Secret Circle, Pretty Little Liars and erm...I can't remember after that lol. I do not watch Glee. Somehow I can't really stand musical-like shows, like High School Musical, Muppets, Glee and other shows with singing. I mean, they are entertaining to watch but if I had a choice, I'd rather not. Disney movies and Phantom of the Opera are exceptional though xD 


True story bro xD

I absolutely did not do any work or assignments today. And YES IT FEELS SO GOOD. Holiday y'all xD

Two days ago (Monday), I was rushing an assignment which was due to submit on the next day. I had to finish my design report plus a model. It would have taken me more than a day but I tried to rush everything I could @.@ I was accompanying my dad and bro for the past few days therefore I did not have time at all >< 

So, I did my work the whole day on Monday. From 10.30 am to 2.30 am. Breaks, shower and meals in between of course lol. And I had to wake up at 7 am for lecture. I was sooo sleepy and tired. I thought I was the only dead zombie. But actually, mine wasn't so bad after all. One of my friend pulled an all nighter and slept at 8am. Class was at 11.30am lol.

Anyway, a late warning, this is gonna be a long and maybe a slightly draggy post lol. A rather vain post as well xD

During the time when I did not blog, I bought stuff. As usual lol. This is soooo bad. I need to control myself ><

Here are the pictures;

Dotti Military Jacket at $40

Very expensive jacket >< 

In my previous post, I wrote about the Autumn fashion in Melbourne. And I think I'm beginning to become very influenced with the fashion! Its not really my style but I thought its quite fun to have a play with different styles and fashion. Therefore, I'm beginning to explore more xD

Dotti Black Peplum Top at $5

This top is extra cheap (you can never get this price in normal retail) because I got it at DFO xD

Valleygirl  Long sleeved Top at $10

This top was on sale. I usually wouldn't wear designs such as this but yeah like I said, I'm influenced xD And I like the graphics too! :D

Cotton On Lace Top in Coral at $15

I got this at DFO too and it was on sale. I've been searching for a top like this for ages! I thought it was cute and bright.

Harajuku Lovers Fragance, G at $24

Ahah! I've been looking at this for a while now and was hesitating on whether I should buy it or not. The normal price was $59 if I'm not mistaken. Then there was a sale and the perfume reduced to $24! I bought it then and there xD Got it at Priceline :)

This is the super adorable bottle :D

I don't know how to describe the scent. I feel that it is a very general scent and that it would suit anybody? @.@ I've asked my brother on what he thinks about the scent and he said it smells floral-ish. I'll stick with that description then xD

While shopping today, I went window shopping at Forever New. I really love the designs and colour schemes of Forever New. It is so me somehow xD But sadly it is really really pricy. Malaysia does not have Forever New ATM but Singapore does. Malaysia has Forever 21 though lol.

Anyway, at Forever New, I took a bunch of clothes and tried them on in the fitting room. Among all, I really like this one!

Oh I really like it! I like the pastel colour, the lace, and the pearls! Oh the pearls are so right xD I tried it on and I think it looks okay? Lol. The material is really good quality as well. 

Overall, the clothes at Forever New are good quality but yeah, they're just so expensive. Like this top, it costs $89.90 @.@ I did not buy it lol.

Here's a picture of me wearing the top. I tried to capture a clear and close up view of the pearl details and they're so pretty xD

If you're interested or curious about Forever New, you can check it out here.

And now I have some pictures of different OFTD :D



When I wore this outfit, I was really, like literally the brightest walking person lol. I'm not sure if the picture shows it well but my skirt is actually a fluorescent yellow. And fluorescent coral. You get the idea. Like a human sorbet lol. Everyone was wearing dark colours on that day. I felt rather insecure. But I thought to myself, Life is too short to wear dark colours. I have to wear all the bright and shocking colours while I'm still young and studying xD Personal preference.


It was slightly cold on the day I wore this. That's why you see me in jeans lol. Usually its a skirt xD

That's all for the OOTD pictures. 

Oh! I said I would show images of my star stockings. And here they are;

Cute aren't they? xD And if you're wondering what's with the pink cartoon thing behind my legs, well, that's my bed sheet xD

Little Twin Stars! I feel so happy when I go to bed. All pink and cute xD

And recently, I started playing Line Play. It is so cute xD I was addicted to it for about 3 days and I got bored after that. Because I'm poor and lazy lol.

All pink and cute again hehe.

Now, let's get on to Yummy business.

The food looks good ain't it? xD

Well, that sums up my post. For this Easter break, I guess I'll take the time to relax and complete my assignments. Will attend church for Good Friday and Easter :) I'm glad I managed to even blog this lol. 

Another thing is that lately its been quite hot and sunny. The weather keeps on changing -.- Hot and cold. Cold and hot. And right now its raining! I love it when it rains. Especially at night xD

A night view of the Yarra River.

Me and brother :P

Oh! One funny thing happened today. Well its not literally funny but its rather surprising for me.

I have a design studio class every Wednesday and well, I don't know every single student in the class. So when I sit by myself, I'm rather quiet. But when I'm with friends, I can be quite noisy hehe. So today most of us had to present our work on the projector therefore we have to speak out loud. I think because of that, people can hear my slang and accent.

We had a 10 minute break in between and I accompanied my friend for a smoke (I don't smoke). While chilling outside, some classmates who are Malaysian and Singaporean, approached me and my friend and asked us, "Are you guys Malaysians?" I said yes and they were like, "Really? I thought you were Korean.". I find it surprising because Malaysian people think that I'm Korean. Lol. Usually locals can recognise locals but in this case not. Maybe because I didn't speak lol.

This is not the first time I was mistaken as a Korean. In the same class, another Malaysian girl mistook me as a Korean and I'm like, "Ha??" Lol. In Malaysia as well, some people tend to mistake me as a foreigner. Not until they hear me speak xD Our Malaysian accent/slang tends to give us away hehe.

That's all for now! Will keep you updated xD

Thank you for reading!

Till then, TTFN!

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13 March, 2013

Autumn Fashion in Melbourne

Hey Hey Hey!

The Autumn season has arrived! Well it arrived since the beginning of March but it has just started to get chilly and windy since today. Hooray! xD 

For the past two weeks since I returned, it has been so hot and I just keep on sweating. Not to mention the sticky feeling and the never ending desire for cold showers lol.

Well, according to the weather forecast, it shall start to get chilly from today onwards and I'm so looking forward to that. Hehe. Usually I hate the cold but right now I'm excited for it xD

I know Australia isn't as cold as some countries where it snows and hails and have blizzards @.@ 
I can't stand that at all lol. Maybe for a short holiday but not long term >< 

Anyway, since Summer is over, I can see the drastic change in fashion for the Autumn season. Bright tropical colours became rather dull and conservative. Why can't we have bright and happy colours for autumn too? xD

The summer colours as I obeserved are like bright yellow, pink, orange, and green. I mean, like really bright. Neon-ish. And floral/tropical design as well. Ready for beach xD

Its summer in Malaysia all the time so I guess I can say I'm used to wearing really short and thin clothing all the time. Sometimes I see people in Malaysia wearing long sleeves, wool type tops and long pants and I think to myself, boy its really cold here eh? Lol. No offense to anyone xD

Autumn colours are dull T.T They're like maroon, black. brown, navy, olive and more dark colours. I'm not critisising it or anything. Its just that, most shops have the same design, style and colour. Maybe I'm just not used to four season fashion >< But some of them are nice xD

I shall list down 8 of the design/style that is in for this Autumn :) Or at least from what I obeserved lol.

Note : Images are found off Google. Images are used as an example.

1) Cats
Cats are so in right now. I see a lot of cat prints on shirts usually. They're cute and I think they're easy to pair with. 

2) Galaxy Print

Oh! I really like Galaxy prints! I don't have any clothing with this print at the moment :( I shall get it one day xD I really like how Galaxy prints appear nicely one shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts and leggings. Its very futuristic.

3) Cross Print

Somehow, when I look at this cross print, it reminds me of Lady Gaga lol. I think I see this print more on leggings. Sometimes they come in various colours. Mostly neon ;)

4) Studs

I'm telling you. This what I see. EVERYWHERE. Lol. You can find this on bags, jewelry, accessories, clothes and Iphone cases. 

5) Military Design

Lately, military design appaers in two forms. Its either a jacket/blazer, or its literally the print lol. I find that military design somehow gives out a sexy and strong woman feel xD At least for me hehe. I was thinking of getting a blazer similar to this but I didn't in the end. Will consider xD

6) Leopard Print

This looks like a tiger print more than a leopard print somehow lol. But yeah, leopard prints are in fashion at the moment. Its been popular for a long time already but I'm sure there's a phase. 

7) Spikes

Spikes look rather scary and dangerous. I always thought it looked punky as well hehe. Can be found on shoes (especially), jewelry and accessories. Did I miss out more? @.@

8) Collar Necklace
Aren't these the best things ever created for fashion? xD I have a few myself lol. They're really cute and they come in different designs and colours. Pair it with your outfit today! xD

So, these are the 8 things that I can definitely confirm that are popular in stores now. I hope this list is helpful in any way xD

That's all for this post. Thank you for reading :)

Till then, TTFN!

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