29 March, 2013

Good Friday

Hiya! :)

Thank you for even looking at this! 

This post will be slightly different than the others. There will be more reading than ever. Its a lil something that is important to me that I thought it would be good to share about it :)

It was Good Friday yesterday and I attended Urban Life at the city. 

What is Urban Life? Well it is basically a Christian cell group made up off university students and young adults. 

Urban Life belongs to Planet Shakers. I'm currently attending Planet Shakers church at the city every Sunday. Previously I attended Full Gospel Assembly Melbourne (FGA Melbourne) at Box Hill. It was quite far for me to travel considering where I live so I decided to follow a friend to try out Planet Shakes around mid year last year. 

And I really enjoy Planet Shakers :D It was a really good experience for me :)

In Malaysia, I attend Full Gospel Assembly USJ (FGA USJ).

As I was saying about Urban Life, I attended UL yesterday morning and we had a very good sharing and discussion.

The topic was, Our relationship with God and how do we communicate with Him.

I know this is a quite out of no where post about God but I felt that it was a powerful and meaningful message and that I should share about it.

So, as uni students, we are rather busy with assignments and we're constantly stressed out with deadlines. Sounds familiar? I can relate xD

Sometimes we're so busy that we delay or neglect talking to God. I do that sometimes :( Its bad ><

How can we communicate with God? Via prayer, reading the bible, worship or by talking to the Holy Spirit.

Today, our leader shared that there are two tiny voices in our heads. One voice is gentle, quiet and patient. Whereas there's another voice that is quick to convince,manipulate and whiny. The gentle one is the Holy Spirit. The whiny one is the enemy a.k.a the devil or Satan.

Example scenario and this is a real scenario that happened to me.

Scenario; One day I was walking to Coles to buy groceries. While walking there, there were two homeless man (sitting separately) sitting on the ground, with their heads facing down and with a small cup in front of them. As I was walking, I heard a voice telling me; "Rachel, give them $10 each.". And I felt this powerful urge that I SHOULD give. It just came over me that I felt that that was what I NEEDED to do.

But then I heard another voice telling me; "Rachel, you don't know if they're really homeless. What if they're scams? They could be bluffing. They may take your money and buy cigarettes instead of necessities.".

All these thoughts just came gushing in and it conflicted with my urge to donate money. This is called a battle of the Holy Spirit and the enemy in you. It is purely your choice to decide what to do and what you listen to. 

And in the end, I DID NOT DONATE. Even when I felt a powerful urge to. 

Another scenario from me; When the day is over and its time for bed, deep down inside I know I should pray and thank God for all He has done. 

And sometimes I will get this urge telling me, "Rachel, you should pray.". But then as usual, a whiny voice appears and tells me, "No you don't need to pray today. You can always pray later. You're tired now and you need to sleep". And so, I did not pray and just fall asleep after that. 

Before I came to yesterday's UL, I was not aware of the two voices in me. Or maybe I was ignorant. But now that they made it clear to me, it all seems so true and now I just realised that I HAVE BEEN IGNORING THE HOLY SPIRIT. For a long long time. I've been giving in to the enemy.

When we were praying yesterday, I asked God and the Holy Spirit to forgive me for being so ignorant and blind. I asked for their guidance and help. I thanked the Holy Spirit for showing me kindness and patience all this while and I apologised that I could not identify and differentiate the two different voices. 

And when I prayed, I felt so cold. Not that the weather was cold but I felt cold all over. And that was when I felt God's presence. Everybody reacts differently to the presence of God and in my case, I feel cold and I will start to cry. I began tearing up and I was sobbing slightly. I know then that God has heard me and has forgiven me. 

If you're facing similar incidents as me, I think its really good to get yourself alone in a quiet room and just cry out to God. Be it, talking out loud, speaking in tounges, singing, praying, playing music, etc. Trust me. If you really want it, God will hear you. 

I'm not an expert in this and I'm not a super religious and righteous person but what I'm sharing is based on my experience and understanding. I'm human and I sin too.

I'm sorry if all of these seem so complicated and untrue. But God has been so good to me that I can't thank Him enough. 

I have a few testimonies but I shall share them in another post because it might get too draggy and repetitive.

That's all for this post. 

I really hope that this post is useful and helpful in any way. I also hope that it will be inspiring and a good sharing. 

Thank you for reading :)


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