04 April, 2013

Ballarat Trip

Hey there! :)

How was your week? Or should I say, how was your Easter break? xD

Mine wasn't so good. Because it was too short lol. And I was sooo lazy during the break, I didn't get any work done. God, please help me ><

I started class today after the break and I'm still in the holiday mood. I have to catch up ><

Currently, I'm attending Planet Shakers Conference 2013!!! xD It is so awesome. I do not regret one single bit. Feeling the presence of God is food for my soul. Literally lol. And today's night preaching was sooooo awesome. I wish it lasted longer. At the end of tonight's service, I had a very powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. It was really good but I'm not satisfied. Because I want more.

You'll be seeing me write about God and Holy Spirit here and there in posts because, I'm just really fired up now lol.

Anyway, today I wanna post about my one day trip to Ballarat with my dad and brother :)

We went there by V line train and it takes about 1.5 hours to arrive at Ballarat. I was asleep most of the time on the train lol. After arriving at Ballarat, we met up with some relatives and ate brunch at Beetchworth Bakery. I hope I spelled that right ><

After eating, we went to Sovereign Hill. It was the second time for me and my dad at Sovereign Hill so we were pretty bored. We only went there so that my brother could look around lol.

And now the best part of the trip (for me), is the Botanical Garden!! Oh I love it so much! It has a mystical and enchanted aura to it. This is also food for the soul, mind, body and heart. It may sound as if I'm exaggerating but I'm not! If you were there, you will know what I mean :)

I'm sure that there are other beautiful gardens at different places but I haven't been to one in ages so this garden really blew my mind ;) 

Here are the pictures :)

The popular special pie at Beetchworth Bakery. Very yummy =3

Isn't it cute? xD Its a special edition meringue for Easter :)

Look at how many they made!

And the non-stop queue lol.

After this photo, the images on wards are taken at Sovereign Hill.

Cute lonely sheep xD

I took a photo of this photo because I'm always amazed and interested in the fashion and dressing style back then. And I really like Victorian Era style. Its so interesting xD

And yup another photo lol.

I really like that Sovereign Hill puts in a lot of effort to replicate the past. The lady at the cashier is dressed up like the olden times. There are random people walking around in those kind of attire as well. Me likey xD

And now, images of the Botanical Garden! :)

I love this picture so much somehow xD

What did I tell ya? Its really nice isn't it? xD Its so mysterious and enchanted. Ahh. I was satisfied after visiting this garden :D

This picture of the ducks and birds are taken opposite the Botanical Garden. Look at em'! So many. I wanna play xD

I took this photo of a cute Magpie while it was drinking water. So adorable xD

Sadly, that's all for this post ><

I will keep you posted! Thank you for reading :)

And, this is me and a friend two years ago. I managed to dig up this photo somewhere in my laptop lol. This was when I was still working as a waitress at Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe. I looked.....youthful lol. I was working part time and studying at the same time. Tough work but good experience :) Had my hair highlighted that time as well. Hehe xD

Till then, TTFN!

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