05 April, 2013

Planetshakers Conference 2013

Hey hey hey! :D

I am sad to say that.....Planetshakers conference just ended tonight :( 

It was from the of 2nd April to the 5th of April. Surprisingly, tonight (which is the last night) ended the earliest among all the days lol. It ended before 10pm including altar call, prayer, closing praise and worship. Whereas the past three days ended around 10.30pm-10.45pm. And I would reach home around 11pm plus. Its quite scary to walk home alone because its so quiet and dark. And cold lol.

Well, I do not regret one moment of it. It was so enjoyable and powerful. During praise, I was jumping a lot until the muscle around my stomach ached lol. And boy I was sweating hehe. 

Tonight I was walking home from the train station and I saw many people dressed up in fancy clothes and off to a dinner, party of club. The area I live at has quite a few pubs and clubs. On Mondays to Thursday, my area is really quiet at night it can get scary lol. But on Friday, you see everyone coming out for some fun time.

But me? I only clubbed and went to a pub once. I didn't really like it that much. Sure it was entertaining and enjoyable with friends but its not something I rather do. Shopping is much more funner for me xD Who needs all that when you can dance to music of God? And while you're at it, His presence is there. I was dancing to the music man. I don't think I ever jumped and scream that much before. It was worth it. More like hitting two birds with one stone. Get to dance and have fun and also feel God :)

One more thing, if you're wondering what kind of music I'm referring to, its Christian rock and pop. Its really beaty and lively and you just wanna jump and dance. Well, at least for me xD


I bought Planetshakers' latest album! Its called Limitless :)

I didn't have the time to listen to it yet and I look forward to it! xD

If you're interested to find out more about Planetshakers, do check out here.

And guess what? They even have an app!! :D

That's a screen shot of it in my laptop. You should get it because.........it's.......FREE! xD

It is available on Android as well :)

I know there's been a load of reading. Thank you for reading! ><

I'm a visual type of person. Which means, I do and understand better when I see images or see it physically rather than reading or hearing. That's why I don't really fancy reading story books or books. I like to read manga and magazines lol. And documentary books too. As long as there are pictures hehe. So yeah. I know I wrote a lot previously. If it were me reading my own blog, I would have skipped all the reading and just look at pictures lol. But its still fun for me to write out whats on my mind :)

Okay this is a rather quick change in topic, but here's one of my OOTD lol.

I really like the graphics of my top. Very futuristic somehow. I saw this top ages ago at Temt but I didn't get it immediately because I thought it was pricy. It costs A$20. It is expensive after conversion for just a top. But anyway, I went back to the shop a few times and deep down I know that I really really liked it. So I decided to get it in the end xD

Here's some foodie :D

And now another out of nowhere OOTD lol.

Today I went to DFO with a friend and I bought this:

Isn't it so adorable? xD

I bought this bag from Forever New for A$10 after a further 50% reduction :) Good deal eh? xD

That's all for now. I'm sorry if I rambled too much hehe.

Before I end my post, I wanna encourage those who are sick in the body.

Pastor John Gray said that, "Sickness may come to you, but it does not belong to you.".

I thought that was really inspiring and powerful because I can relate to it. And I want to share it with you :)

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day :)


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