16 April, 2013

Grocery Shopping

Hey all! :)

How has your week been?

After conference I've just been a good student doing my assignments everyday. Well mostly everyday xD I have a submission next week and another two submissions on the following week. Have to work hard!

I went grocery shopping recently and bought some yummy food. Hehehe.

I bought English breakfast style goods.


Japanese goods xD

And with these goods, I made Fried Egg with English Muffins and Pork Belly Soba :P

I have some images to show. I'm not the best cook and these may not look appetising but it was yummy and edible xD

For the Fried Egg with English Muffins, initially I wanted to make Eggs Benedict but I was lazy.

It is really really easy. And its not really pricy as well. So I guess I can call it, Easy food for the lazy people. A.K.A me lol.

Here are images of how I made it.

But before that, you need;

Fried Egg with English Muffins 

1) Eggs
2) Vegetables of your choice
3) English Muffins
4) Cheese
5) Ham
6) Dressings of your choice
7) Butter

So I've sliced the English Muffins into half and placed butter on it. The butter will function as oil on the frying pan and not as a spread.

Place butter onto heated pan and placed the English Muffins. Wait until it is heated and slightly toasted. The smell of butter is so fragrant xD

After that, remove the English Muffins and place them on a plate. Heat the ham now until it becomes toasty as well.

Place the ham onto English Muffins and now you can place the vegetables as well. The white dressing I've used is Japanese mayonnaise. I love it so much xD

It is this one:

Now you can start frying the eggs! Hehe. Its up to you on how many you want to use. You can make eggs benedict if you want to as well. 

After the eggs are done, place them on top of the vegetables. In here I've added alfafa, blue cheese bits and sprinkled pepper on top. I don't know if this looks appetising to you but it sure is for me! It was very yummy xD

For the second dish,

Pork Belly Soba 

You need;

1) Soba
2) Pork Belly
3) Seaweed
4) Mushrooms (optional)
5) Soup stock
6) Seasoning of choice

I have set aside 5 slices of pork belly in water to thaw. I should have added more because the meat was quite thin, it made my soba feel quite hollow. Pork belly is unhealthy but its so good at the same time xD

This is the soba noodles that I've used;

This packet of soba costs $3. Its quite pricy eh? I wanted to get the green tea soba at first but it was extra pricy. 200g for $5.90 T.T So I decided to stick with the original soba.

For the soup stock;

If you refer to the diagram at the bottom, this soup stock can be used for various dishes. In my case, I used it as cold soba, which is the second picture from the top.

This diagram confused me quite a bit in terms of using the ratio. How it works is, add 100cc of the soup stock in a bowl, and add 2 cups of 100cc (which is 200cc) of cold water and stir.

The soup is really tasty! But try not to drink the whole bowl of soup that you've made. I'm sure it has MSG in it and it made my throat really dry and thirsty. Even when I drank half of it.

In my soba, I've added seasoning as well. This is optional though.

There are many ways you can use the seasoning as well. I bought each packet for $2 on sale from Fuji Mart. And the flavour that I bought is wasabi lol. I'm not a fan of wasabi but I accidentally mistook it for wakame (seaweed). I was worried that the wasabi flavour would be very strong but thank goodness it was just right :)

So how did I make my Pork belly Soba?

I boiled my pork belly until it was cooked. Decided not to fry because I wanted a 'healty' meal lol. And you can boil the soba the same way spaghetti is boiled.

Note : Add oil into the boiling water to prevent the noodles from sticking together :)

And...... this is it. Lol.

I don't know what to say. It doesn't look very appetising lol. But it tasted alright so that's what counts right? xD I'm no chef >< I've also added mushrooms and seaweed as extra. This is optional.

So these are what I have been making recently. Practice makes perfect :)

I made this soba for koibito before and he said he really likes it. I'm happy! xD He is very honest when it comes to food. So when he complimented my cooking, I know its really alright then xD And he even drank all the soup. The bowl was so clean till it sparkled. Lol. Whereas I didn't finish my soup again because it was quite salty for me.

I hope ( wonder) that this post has been useful or helpful in any way. You can try them out if you like xD

Oh! I also bought this! :P

I know you can see it in the photos above but this is like a close up view lol.

Aren't they cute? xD They are individual pieces. Not stucked together. And it also looks like an iphone cover lol. The chocolate is very addictive. I ate half in one shot xD They're not too sweet and they're not too bitter. Just perfect. Me and me chocolates xD

That is all for this post. Thank you for reading! :)

A random photo out of nowhere lol. My attempt to do a Japanese Hair Bun when I had long hair. It failed somewhat xD Because my hair is too slippery, the bun couldn't stay T.T

Till then, TTFN!

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