18 April, 2013

Eau De Parfum



I think I've spent a lot of time writing that short sentence lol. I haven't been practicing my Japanese ever since last year so now it really is rusty. Sorry if I made grammar or structure mistakes! ><

I'm not sure if I wrote in one of my previous posts that I will show the perfumes that I have. Even if I didn't write that, I'm bound to post about it one day. And today it is xD

Anyway, I think I can never get enough perfume. There's just so many different scents that I want em' all! xD Well, the ones that I like I mean lol. I currently have 6 perfumes. Not all of them are EDP. Some of them are EDT and cologne mist if I'm not mistaken. 

I also realised that I tend to like the scents of celebrity perfumes. Not that I side them or anything. I'm a really neutral person when it comes to scents. Meaning that, I don't look at brands, colour, design, packaging or who's perfume it is. As long as I'm attracted to the scent and I know that I want it, then I want it xD But of course, cute, creative and nice packaging of the bottles can really attract me to it xD They won't necessarily smell nice but I feel drawn to them lol.

Since I have quite a few bottles of perfume with me, I'm trying to use them up everyday. So everyday I tend to use a different scent depending on my mood and outfit? Lol.

I'm gonna show images of the perfume that I have at the moment.

#1 Justin Bieber - Someday

For those who despise Justin Bieber, I have no comment lol. I didn't buy this because I'm a huge fan. The scent appealed to me. And his songs are alright to me xD I bought this perfume last year for $29. It was on promotion and I received a mini bottle of his perfume as well as part of the promotion. My sister was with me at that time. So, I gave it to her hehe. And it is sitting in my room back in Malaysia while she is in UK lol.

The scent is really sweet. I wouldn't say its refreshing because it's not lol. Its just plain sweet and it has a rather thick or musky feeling to it. Its not literally a musky perfume but it feels like a 'heavy' perfume to me. I would't spray too much at a time because sometimes, perfumes can suffocate you :)

I took a tester scent of Justin Bieber's latest perfume which is Girlfriend and I thought it was not bad as well. 

Image from Google

One thing that I'm concerned about is the bottle. I mean, what's up with it? It is heavy and troublesome. The fact that the bottle can come out of its 'shell' is quite annoying for me. The scent is sweet as well but its not as 'heavy' and 'thick' as Someday. It is on sale at the moment for $29 as well. Or was it $19? If its $19, that's really cheap xD 

#2 Britney Spears - Circus

Okay, so I know that Britney Spears has a wide range of perfumes and I seriously cannot keep track. I never really fancied her perfumes though the scent was alright. It just never occurred to me before. As in, I never paid any attention. Just like Avril Lavigne's Perfume which is Black Star and Forbidden Rose (scent wasn't really nice for me), Rihanna's Perfume Range and a few other celebrities perfume. 

Even though I said all that, there was one day when I was browsing at the perfume section in Priceline, and there was a big promotion going on. I thought, how cheap is cheap? And then I saw this perfume (one box left) on the shelf. AND IT WAS $5! I was so so surprised. Is this real? Lol. That was really, really cheap. For a celebrity perfume. So I went over to the counter and double check it with the assistant. And she confirmed with me that it is $5. No hesitation xD

I bought it last year as well and as you can see, I've only used that much lol. Same goes to all of my perfume though. The scent is something similar to Gwen Stefani's, Harajuku Lovers, G (image below) which I would say, is a very general scent. It can match anything. I think? Lol. I'm sorry because I don't know how to describe the scent >< But what I can confirm is that it is not a sweet or musky scent.

#3 Gwen Stefani - Harajuku Lovers, G

I bought this perfume really recently. Like this month or last month. I bought is for $24 at Priceline. The original price is $59 so I thought it was a good deal. Actually to be honest, I was more attracted to the bottle more than the scent lol. The scent is alright but you know, cute packaging and all xD

I talked about this perfume in one of my previous posts as well. I can't remember much of what I said, so I will link it here and you can check out my review there :)

#4 Enchanteur  - Paris, Belle Amour

This scent is super sweet and floral-ish! I used to be really addicted to it when I first bought it. But as time goes by, the scent got a lil' sickening since I wore it everyday hehe. I bought it around 2 years ago. I can't remember if this is a EDP or EDT. It won't last for the whole day that's all I know.

Enchanteur is not a famous or big brand. I bought it in Malaysia but it has a French influence on it so I myself am confused as to where its from lol. There are a few other scents of this range but I particularly like this one which is in transparent pink liquid. It looks like water here in the picture. Maybe its my hand lol. This scent was at reasonable price at RM22.90 at Watsons. I believe that this product is still ongoing in stores.

#5 Kose - Happy Bath Day, Precious Rose

This was one of my really happy purchases when I was a teenager. I was really, really into Japanese stuff and products (but didn't have the money) back then. And the only reason I bought this was because it is Happy Bath Day lol. But of course, the scent is lovely xD Its like thousands of roses elixir in that bottle. Hehe. I bought it at John Little, Singapore around 3-5 years ago. And I still have quite a bit left. 

When I saw the Happy Bath Day range, I went nuts. I wanted everything. But I was a poor teenager so yeah, I only got one bottle of this as a lovely souveneir xD It costs $15. I'm really glad that I have it because, I don't think the Precious Rose Range is available anymore. Actually I'm not sure because it was quite some time ago ><












#6 Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday

I am so happy! xD I mentioned before that this perfume is part of my wish list. And now its granted! xD

I bought this a few days ago actually. It was on sale at Priceline. The original price was $89.90. And now it became, $49. I mean, that's a really good discount no?! Lol. $40 cheaper is almost half price. When I saw it, I was like, am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? xD

I really know that I wanna get it but I also didn't feel comfortable spending money like that. Then I thought to myself, you'll never know when it gets this good again. So fine! I bought it lol.

 A rather creepy image of Nicki Minaj lol.

And yup, so is the packaging lol. Especially the face. Gold plated. Reflection. Looks like a skull xD

The packaging is cool but its really heavy. A lot of detail and effort has been made for the packaging. Like, her face. It kinda looks like her face (the nose and lips) even if its gold. And the realistic, 3D boobs lol. Not forgetting the necklace on the bottle as well. Maybe that's why it is so expensive.

Anyway, I'm loving the scent. I've used it once today and I'm like wow. I smell like candy hehe. Nothing too heavy or too much. And I've sort of done a 'survey' with this scent lol.

Before I bought this perfume, I took a scent tester of Pink Friday and another scent tester of Katy Perry's Meow!. I asked 5 guys what they thought of the two different scents. Koibito's friends lol. And out of 5, 1 said he preferred Katy Perry's Meow! whereas, the remaining 4 preferred Pink Friday LOL. I asked him why Katy Perry's? He said Pink Friday was too sweet for him. Well I guess you need a mood and liking for such a 'sweet' scent hehe. Koibito doesn't seem very fond of it. But maybe he will be once I start using it often xD

These are all the perfumes and scents that I have with me in Melbourne. Its quite a lot actually lol. I think I have a few more back in Malaysia but yeah that's it. Did you like any of them? xD

By the way, I took a sniff on Rihanna's Nude Perfume and oh! I kinda like it! >< NOOOOO!! I shouldn't buy too many >< I'll just keep it in mind ><

So lately, the weather has been getting quite chilly and its been raining quite a bit recently. I love it when it rains. Then I can take a nice cat nap and cuddle in bed xD The sound of rain is so nice and relaxing. But when it rains, its really windy and chilly. Carrying an umbrella is troublesome as well because it is likely to get overturned. Melbourne and her wind lol.

I'm starting to chicken out with the cold so I have started wearing jeans instead of skirts >< I don't know how my friend can wear skirts during winter. With stockings of course, but still! The wind is sooo cold. Goosebumps all over. 

Sorry if I didn't post much. I've just been so busy with assignments that I don't have time for myself. I'm surprised that I can stand not going shopping for the past 2 weeks. Grocery shopping is not considered. And since I haven't been posting much, I guess I'm just rambling here now lol.

I'll just post one OOTD and I shall wrap it up.

From all the clothes I bought, I think you might have realised that, I have A LOT OF CLOTHES lol. And I can never get enough xD Yes that's bad >< Since I have a lot of clothes, I try to make them worth by wearing them of course. So sometimes I may have weird combinations or style and colour. I guess I'm just bored and wanna mix and match with my clothes. I look so unflattering and unshapely here LOL. Really love the neon peach though xD

Oh I look extra round at the moment. Had a lot of cravings and hunger pangs lately. I'm expecting the visitor soon lol.

I really like my hair colour! Under the sun of course lol. Its so light and chocolatey. I like brown shades that have an ash, beige or chocolate tint. I somehow dislike brown tints with a lil' red inside. If you want brown, just go brown! :D

And look! My roots are growing so quickly :( That was one of the reasons I was hesitant to dye my hair. Because I am lazy and poor to maintain. Not only that, my hair crown looks really thin here T.T

Alright! I should get to bed now. It is almost 1am lol. And I have 8.30am tutorial tomorrow T.T

Thank you for reading! :)

A random picture of me that I digged up lol.


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