04 October, 2013

Daiso Double Eyelid Sticker

Hey there! :)

This is another post of a Daiso product. I'm a cheapskate sometimes. Lol. But if it works, why not?

I was born without any double eyelids. Previously, I didn't bother to buy any double eyelid glue or tape but recently, I've been quite experimental lol.

This double eyelid sticker is rather special. It has an eyeliner line on it. This is for lazy people like me. Hehe. Also, I'm really bad in applying eyeliner. I'm sure you understand. Lol.

So, this sticker is supposed to make your eyes bigger and attractive because of the eyeliner line on it. And, of course, you will look like your wearing eyeliner without really applying it.

When I first tried it, I was expecting poor quality and 'not so sticky' quality. But to my surprise, I was wrong. It was really sticky. It can last really long on your eyes. I was expecting the worst because, the first time I bought double eyelid stickers (many years ago), they couldn't stick well and they kept falling of my eyes. Bad quality.

Another thing about this Daiso product is that, the sticker is matte. As in, it kinda looks like frosted glass (I wonder if that makes sense lol). When I wore it on my eyes, I was really self conscious because I was afraid people could immediately see the sticker. Though it was really sticky, it wasn't invisible enough.

I found this sticker to be rather long - or is that normal? I do not have any experience at all on how to wear this. It was trial and error for me.

Since this sticker has the eyeliner line on it, I had to place it as close as possible to my eyelash to make it look natural. If I placed it slightly higher, it would look so weird lol. Also, since I have to place really close to my eyelashes, they can become quite itchy and annoying sometimes.

This is me with the sticker. I look and feel weird. I guess I'm not used to it. Lol. Does it seem like I'm wearing eyeliner? @.@

And this is me after I removed the stickers.

The double eyelids remain. Sometimes they remain for a short while and sometimes they can last till the next day. 

There are a few types of this double eyelid stickers at Daiso but I think trying one is enough for me. I find it too time consuming to wear these stickers all the time. Lol.

If I do buy double eyelid stickers again, I'm interested to try the nude coloured ones ;)

That's all for now. TTFN!

I have to constantly tell myself this because I'm so lazy ATM @.@

03 October, 2013

September 2013 Haul Continuation

There were some products that I left out in my previous post so I thought I'll just post them here. Its either I forgot to post them in the previous post or I just shopped more and added on ><

And also, I bought new face masks >< They were on sale. A very good sale of 50% off lol. So yeah, more to my masks collection now xD

I look scary here lol.

From top left (clockwise rotation);

1) My Scheming; Hyaluronan Acid + Sponge Cucumber Extract Hydrating Silk Mask (have tried)

My face has been really really dry and flaky lately because of a new product that I've been using to reduce acne. These products do not contain a moisturiser therefore I used this mask for hydration purposes. 

I found the shape of the mask to be rather odd - very circular shaped and short. This silk mask is slightly different from the rest. It has 2 layers containing a white layer and a blue layer which I suppose it the 'silk' layer. 

My face felt hydrated after using it but the next day, my face was still back to being dry and flaky. I'm not sure if that's a good sign. But before my face was like this, it was really oily, and I hated it. I would have excess oil all the time and I would always have to blot my face, hence, I avoided moisturising and hydrating masks. 

Anyway, maintaining the right level of moisture for your face is really important. You do not want too much or too little.

2) My Scheming; L-ascorbic Acid + Tranexamic Acid Extract Whitening Silk Mask (have not tried)

3) My Scheming; Natto Extract Hydrating Mask (have not tried)

4) My Scheming; Deep Sea Water + Ice Age Water Extract Moisturizing Silk Mask (have not tried)

Each mask shown here cost RM3.45 after discount :) Normal price each mask; RM6.90

From left to right; 

1) My Scheming; Hyaluronic Acid Mask and Hyalo-Oligo Sodium Hyaluronate Essence (have not tried)

This mask has 2 steps containing a face mask and applying essence/serum after. 

Got this from Watsons at RM4.45. Normal price; RM8.90

2) My Scheming; Bamboo Charcoal & Cryste Marine Whitening Double Lifting Mask (have not tried)

This mask is a mask that goes all the way to your neck. There are 'hooks' at the ear area for you to hang the mask in place. Pretty cool I think :P

All face masks shown here are Made in Taiwan.

Some new earrings that I bought from Subang Parade; Bazaar. 2 pairs for RM10. I love it xD They're Korean inspired designs but they were made in China, hence the price.

The Elianto at Midvalley Megamall are gonna relocate soon and right now they're having sales! 3 nail polishes for RM15. You can mix and match :)

My sister praised this shampoo and yes, she influenced me to give it a try. Hehe. 

Pantene Nature Care - Fullness & Life Shampoo - RM12.88, Guardian Sale
Pantene Nature Care - Fullness & Life Conditioner - RM12.88, Guardian Sale

I have only tried this shampoo once ages ago and I know it was awesome :) I have not used it yet so when the time comes, wait for my review :)

Divinia - Ultra Light, Watery UV Base, SPF50 PA+++ (for face) from Watsons, at RM 12.80.

This is rather new brand (I think) at Watsons and I've never tried it before. Will review it in another post. You can never have enough sun screen/block in this kinda weather >.<

From left to right;

Colour Combos Girl, Mineral Lipstick in 07

I was attracted to this colour because it reminded me of Barbie lol.

Made in Taiwan.

Got this from Sasa, at RM9.90.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 006 - Pink Blush

I bought this from Melbourne a few months ago and I have not tried it yet. The colour is so sweet and girly. Probably one of those lighter shades that I have.

Got this from Priceline at $4.95.

Rimmel Renew Lipstick in 320 - Funtime Fuchsia 

I bought this lipstick the same time as I bought the lipstick above. It has the same promotion but I can't remember how much this one cost >< I have not tried this one as well but one of the reasons I bought this lipstick is because; it sort of has this metallic glow in it and its also a colour I never had before.

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in 515 - Coral Crush

I've always wanted a coral/orange-ish lipstick and I had to buy myself one. Lol.

What I like about coral lip colours is that, they're versatile. They have the ability to match mostly anything (in my opinion) and they give radiance to your face :)

I've used this lipstick several times now and I love it! :) I was considering of getting a more orange-ish colour but after trying it on, I decided it doesn't suit my skin tone. This one isn't all that orange; its more of a pink orange colour. 

Bought this at priceline for $10 (I think, I can't remember).

And that is all for my so called 'haul continuation'. Lol.

Here are some OOTDs;

I love this skirt. I feel like a Greek Goddess/bride. Lol.

And some yummy food of course :)

The post has come to an end now. Thank you for reading.