04 October, 2013

Daiso Double Eyelid Sticker

Hey there! :)

This is another post of a Daiso product. I'm a cheapskate sometimes. Lol. But if it works, why not?

I was born without any double eyelids. Previously, I didn't bother to buy any double eyelid glue or tape but recently, I've been quite experimental lol.

This double eyelid sticker is rather special. It has an eyeliner line on it. This is for lazy people like me. Hehe. Also, I'm really bad in applying eyeliner. I'm sure you understand. Lol.

So, this sticker is supposed to make your eyes bigger and attractive because of the eyeliner line on it. And, of course, you will look like your wearing eyeliner without really applying it.

When I first tried it, I was expecting poor quality and 'not so sticky' quality. But to my surprise, I was wrong. It was really sticky. It can last really long on your eyes. I was expecting the worst because, the first time I bought double eyelid stickers (many years ago), they couldn't stick well and they kept falling of my eyes. Bad quality.

Another thing about this Daiso product is that, the sticker is matte. As in, it kinda looks like frosted glass (I wonder if that makes sense lol). When I wore it on my eyes, I was really self conscious because I was afraid people could immediately see the sticker. Though it was really sticky, it wasn't invisible enough.

I found this sticker to be rather long - or is that normal? I do not have any experience at all on how to wear this. It was trial and error for me.

Since this sticker has the eyeliner line on it, I had to place it as close as possible to my eyelash to make it look natural. If I placed it slightly higher, it would look so weird lol. Also, since I have to place really close to my eyelashes, they can become quite itchy and annoying sometimes.

This is me with the sticker. I look and feel weird. I guess I'm not used to it. Lol. Does it seem like I'm wearing eyeliner? @.@

And this is me after I removed the stickers.

The double eyelids remain. Sometimes they remain for a short while and sometimes they can last till the next day. 

There are a few types of this double eyelid stickers at Daiso but I think trying one is enough for me. I find it too time consuming to wear these stickers all the time. Lol.

If I do buy double eyelid stickers again, I'm interested to try the nude coloured ones ;)

That's all for now. TTFN!

I have to constantly tell myself this because I'm so lazy ATM @.@

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