04 November, 2013

Singapore Trip 2013


Me and dad went on a short trip to Singapore on the 18th of October to the 22nd. The main objective of the trip was to meet my cousin's friend who's an interior designer. We met, chit chat and he gave me advise. It was a good meet up :) But other than meeting up, we went sight seeing and of course, none other than shopping :D (not my dad)

We stayed at Carlton Hotel for 2 nights. It was such a nice hotel. Ahh.. I don't get this privilege often! So, I took the opportunity to use the bath tub. Hehe :P What sucked was that, there's no wifi in the hotel rooms T^T

On the day we arrived, we were too tired to do any sight seeing. All we did for the day was eat and walked around. Went to Raffles City in the noon and to Bugis at night.

Yummy dessert time :)

A selfie in Dorothy Perkins dressing room lol.

Bugis at night.

The next morning, we went to Gardens by the bay. Yay! :D

It was super hot and sunny that morning; which made me lose my mood to walk around under the sun -.-  The area is generously big and you can either choose to walk or pay $2 for a coach ride (2 ways) to get there. We took the coach ride lol.

There are a few things to see at Gardens by the bay; Flower Dome, Supertree Grove, World of Plants, Bay East Garden, Cloud Forest, Heritage Gardens, and Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes.

We only managed to see Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

We went into Cloud Forest first. The first thing you will see at the entrance is this tall waterfall. Its really beautiful :) To my surprise, the interiors have air conditioning. It was really cooling and I can enjoy walking around without feeling sweaty and sticky. Trust me, it was a super hot day that day lol.

In Cloud Forest, there are 2 bridges that circulates the area. The first bridge is about 4-5 stories high. It looks like the picture above. The second bridge was 7 stories high. It doesn't sound so bad when I type it out, but I was FROZEN when I was up there. 

No, I wasn't cold. I'm afraid of heights >< The bridge does not have any glass fences or so forth. The fences that were connected to the bridge were just horizontal metal lines @.@ And the floor had holes so you can see what's under your feet. 

I was really really freaking out up there, but my dad was just slumbering. I had cold sweat and my heart was beating really fast. I tried to walk as fast as I could to get to land or any solid ground, but it felt like forever to walk to the other end of the bridge. I'm sure there are people who understand how I feel right? T^T

But other than those scary moments, the place is really wonderful. Flowers and plants from different countries put together. Nature is really beautiful :)

I managed to take some selfies when I was on the bridge LOL.

Next is the Flower Dome. 

The Flower Dome consist of more bigger plants such as trees, bushes and yes flowers too. They make up of plants from different countries and they're grouped according to the country.

And since Deepavali was just around the corner (that time), there was some cute deco to brighten up the place.

Also, I was so tired when we first entered the Flower Dome. Maybe I used up too much energy when I was scared on the bridge lol.

Cute elephants eh? :) 

I got even more tired after walking around the Flower Dome so after that, we proceeded to have lunch and went back to the hotel. Dad was interested to visit Little India so off he went while I went to meet up with the interior designer :)

Dad went back to Malaysia the next day and I bunked with my cousin for the remaining days. I was alone on a Sunday morning, so I decided to visit Haw Par Villa.

The place was really peaceful and empty. I could walk freely and take my sweet time. If you're interested in Chinese history/legends, this place is for you.

The Ten Courts of Hell was quite creepy. It was dark inside and they show you the punishments you will face in 10 different courts. Gory lol. I had my earphones on the whole time so I felt 'comfortable'. Hehe.

There were more these punishments but these was all I took. 

Some of the crimes; Stealing, Cheating, Rape, Murder, Lying and etc.

Some of the punishments; Decapitating, Smashed by rock boulder, Drown in boiling oil

At the end of the tunnel, there's a lady who will give the sinner a magic tea to forget their past. This will lead to reincarnation and what they become depends on the good/bad things they done in their previous life. 

Quite creepy if you ask me. Lol.

This was an 'ERRRR......?.' moment for me. Lol.

I'm really amazed with the level of detail they put into carving/making all of these figures. Don't forget the paint! By the way, this place is quite huge as well.

Oh! Here's the goodies I got from Singapore :P

1) Australis 3 in 1 wipes
    Price: $2
    Location: Watsons

2) Canmake Eye Shimmer
    Price: $11.50
    Location: Watsons

3) Face Shop Designing Eye Shadow
    Price: $10
    Location: The Face Shop

4) Garnier Sakura White - Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam
    Price: $2
    Location: Watsons

5 + 6) Essential Damage Care - Nuance Airy Shampoo & Conditioner (Raspberry)
          Price: $14.90 for 2 (Limited)
          Location: Guardian

This Essential brand/product is not released in Malaysia. I had to get some lol.

7) Bausch + Lomb - Re-Nu Senstive Contact Lens Solution (Travelling Size)
    Price: $2
    Location: Watsons

8) Bifesta - Sebum Make up Remover (Travelling Size)
    Price: $2
    Location: Watsons

The Watsons in Singapore is AWESOME! They have this section where selected items are only $2. Some things are much cheaper than Malaysia. Happy! :D

This summarises today's post.


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