13 March, 2013

Autumn Fashion in Melbourne

Hey Hey Hey!

The Autumn season has arrived! Well it arrived since the beginning of March but it has just started to get chilly and windy since today. Hooray! xD 

For the past two weeks since I returned, it has been so hot and I just keep on sweating. Not to mention the sticky feeling and the never ending desire for cold showers lol.

Well, according to the weather forecast, it shall start to get chilly from today onwards and I'm so looking forward to that. Hehe. Usually I hate the cold but right now I'm excited for it xD

I know Australia isn't as cold as some countries where it snows and hails and have blizzards @.@ 
I can't stand that at all lol. Maybe for a short holiday but not long term >< 

Anyway, since Summer is over, I can see the drastic change in fashion for the Autumn season. Bright tropical colours became rather dull and conservative. Why can't we have bright and happy colours for autumn too? xD

The summer colours as I obeserved are like bright yellow, pink, orange, and green. I mean, like really bright. Neon-ish. And floral/tropical design as well. Ready for beach xD

Its summer in Malaysia all the time so I guess I can say I'm used to wearing really short and thin clothing all the time. Sometimes I see people in Malaysia wearing long sleeves, wool type tops and long pants and I think to myself, boy its really cold here eh? Lol. No offense to anyone xD

Autumn colours are dull T.T They're like maroon, black. brown, navy, olive and more dark colours. I'm not critisising it or anything. Its just that, most shops have the same design, style and colour. Maybe I'm just not used to four season fashion >< But some of them are nice xD

I shall list down 8 of the design/style that is in for this Autumn :) Or at least from what I obeserved lol.

Note : Images are found off Google. Images are used as an example.

1) Cats
Cats are so in right now. I see a lot of cat prints on shirts usually. They're cute and I think they're easy to pair with. 

2) Galaxy Print

Oh! I really like Galaxy prints! I don't have any clothing with this print at the moment :( I shall get it one day xD I really like how Galaxy prints appear nicely one shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts and leggings. Its very futuristic.

3) Cross Print

Somehow, when I look at this cross print, it reminds me of Lady Gaga lol. I think I see this print more on leggings. Sometimes they come in various colours. Mostly neon ;)

4) Studs

I'm telling you. This what I see. EVERYWHERE. Lol. You can find this on bags, jewelry, accessories, clothes and Iphone cases. 

5) Military Design

Lately, military design appaers in two forms. Its either a jacket/blazer, or its literally the print lol. I find that military design somehow gives out a sexy and strong woman feel xD At least for me hehe. I was thinking of getting a blazer similar to this but I didn't in the end. Will consider xD

6) Leopard Print

This looks like a tiger print more than a leopard print somehow lol. But yeah, leopard prints are in fashion at the moment. Its been popular for a long time already but I'm sure there's a phase. 

7) Spikes

Spikes look rather scary and dangerous. I always thought it looked punky as well hehe. Can be found on shoes (especially), jewelry and accessories. Did I miss out more? @.@

8) Collar Necklace
Aren't these the best things ever created for fashion? xD I have a few myself lol. They're really cute and they come in different designs and colours. Pair it with your outfit today! xD

So, these are the 8 things that I can definitely confirm that are popular in stores now. I hope this list is helpful in any way xD

That's all for this post. Thank you for reading :)

Till then, TTFN!

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