22 February, 2013

Make Up Haul


Its been a while since I last practiced Japanese. I somehow spoke it more in Australia lol. 

Speaking of Australia, I'm going back real soon! >< Time passes by so fast. And then its back to studying T.T

But I guess I appreciate studying more since I'm gonna graduate soon. The working world is scary ><

Back to main topic lol.

Lately, I've been buying more make up then I usually do. Not sure why cause usually I couldn't be bothered lol. Perhaps I've been influenced by my sister and girlfriends. Or perhaps its a growing up process of a girl? @.@  

I'm quite into lipsticks, eye shadow and eyebrow liners at the moment. Since I've dyed my hair, using black or grey eyebrow liner will stand out too much. So I'm using brown eyebrow liners now. I didn't take photos of it yet but I shall review it....soon? xD

Most of them are Korean products. They seem to be booming all over Malaysia lol. But some of them are quite pricy. How sad ><

These are the products that I've bought over time since I returned from Australia. I didn't buy them all in one shot. Broke girl T.T

Okay not most of them are Korean products lol. But most of my eyebrow liners are korean products. If that counts xD

#1 Colour Combos - FlexiCurl Mascara 

This mascara is from a Korean brand (if I'm not mistaken) called Colour Combos. But I guess this one is 'made in Germany' lol. I got it at Sasa for RM15 on sale. The normal price is RM33.90.

The reason I bought this mascara was because of the brush. And for it being quite cheap xD

I've tried finding mascaras with a double sided brush but its either too expensive or just plain difficult to find -.-  At least for me lol.

I usually do not prefer using water proof mascara because it takes a longer time to remove lol. But I guess waterproof mascara has its pros and cons. 

I have not tried out this mascara yet, but when I do, I'll let you know how it is :D

Right now, the current mascara I'm using is by Clinique. A non waterproof mascara. Its very easy to remove and that's why I like it xD

That's the brush! xD

#2 Lady - Holic Lipstick

I got this lipstick at It's Skin at Sunway Pyramid. I got it for RM19 as it is a sale item. Not sure how much is the original price. I thought the colour and packaging is cute xD

Looks a lil like a Rose Pink. I think lol.

The lipstick texture is alright. My lips feels moist when I applied this lipstick. I think that's good?  Lol. Its not sticky and dry which is just perfect for me xD

#3 Maybelline Lipstick in Red Porcelain

I literally got this lipstick for Chinese New Year lol. I can't recall how much it was. Perhaps around RM23. Can be found in Watsons and other pharmacies.

Sexy red! xD I still feel weird and insecure to wear such bright red lipstick to go out ><

The texture is similar to what I wrote above. Its very very red on my lips. Or maybe I'm just not used to it ><

#4 Essence - Kajal Pencil in White

I'm not sure why I bought this pencil actually. I know that my sister has one lol. I've seen several make up techniques using this similar type of pencil or eye shadow to highlight the eye area. Makes the eyes look brighter and bigger somehow lol. I was curious about it and decided to get this pencil. I'm not very good in using it but practice makes perfect! xD

I think it cost me about RM8. I bought this a few months ago so, sorry that I can't remember the price! >< I'm confident that it is below RM12 lol.

That's the tip. Looks like a colour pencil xD

 #5 Elite Paris - Matt Liner

I got it at Watsons for RM19 on promotion. The previous eyeliner I was using was a pencil type. I didn't really like it because it smudged easily and its difficult to remove. Not only that, it smears around my eye area making me have panda eyes -.-

I'm not sure if its just that particular eyeliner pencil that I used or if all eyeliner pencils are like that too @.@

I like this liquid eyeliner because of its pointy and fine tip. It is easier to apply and the pointy tip makes it more accurate to draw/apply. It does not smudge easily and leave smears all over my eye area as well. I can't recall if its waterproof or not ><

#6 Lady-Holic Crystal Powder

Okay this is the one thing I bought because of how shiny it is lol. I was in the shop with koibito and at that time, I was busy looking at lipsticks. Suddenly I saw koibito playing with this crystal powder and he had glitter all over his hands. He said "My hands are pretty now." LOL.

I guess I can say, if it wasn't for him, I would not have bought this item xD

I believe this crystal powder can be applied on the eye area and cheeks.

What is it actually? Well, it's just some super glittery powder xD

I got it at It's Skin, Sunway Pyramid for RM16 on sale.

Can you see how glittery and shiny it is? xD

This is how they look like on my hand. Oh I can see my fuzz xD

#7 Barbie Holic Gloss in Barbie Pink 

This lip gloss is from Taipei, Taiwan. I bought it in Watsons when I went there for a holiday in November 2012. I don't think you can find much Barbie beauty products in Malaysia lol.

The colour is so cute! xD Because it is Barbie's signature colour lol. The texture of this lip gloss is really sticky. It lasts quite long on my lips when I applied it. Except if you drink and eat. My sister told me before that. the stickier the lip gloss, the longer it lasts. I think its true lol.

I bought this lip gloss for RM7 on sale.

Brush Type lip gloss

#8 Silky Girl Compact Powder

It has been ages since I last wore compact powder or concealer on my face due to my pimples and acne condition T.T

But now that the condition is improving, I guess its okay to wear it once in a while? Lol. 

I bought this compact powder at Watsons (again) at the price of RM14.50 for 2. Quite a good deal eh? xD

The packaging interior
I'm not a make up freak (at least not like my sister hehe), but I guess my interest and passion for make up grew slightly. Or a lot xD

I guess this sums up my Make Up haul this round lol. I hope my description has been useful and helpful to you ><

Thank you for reading! TTFN!

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  1. Nice haul! I only got the essence pencil for RM3.90 though. How come you paid so much? Or have they increased prices that bad?

  2. Hmm.. actually I really can't remember the price. I just know that its below RM12 lol

  3. Hi, Just wanna ask you about the Elite Paris Matt Liner . I bought it yesterday and the black colour seems very light and its not even visible when I wear it.. Is yours like that too ? :'(


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