16 February, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Lately I haven't been able to blog much because I have been pretty busy as it was Chinese New Year.

By the way, Happy (late) Chinese New Year to everyone! :)

I bought some new accessories and items before CNY and I'm so happy! xD

Here are some pics;

I bought these earrings at Subang Parade bazaar. RM10 for 2 pairs xD

Bought this at Forever 21 for RM7.

A new Iphone cover at the Subang Parade bazaar for RM10.

 Forever 21 earrings for RM7. Love the pearls xD

Silky Girl Sunshine Sweet Temptation EDT from Guardian on sale for RM14. The scent is very refreshing and summer-ish. Smells like sweet mangoes and oranges :)

I like it because it's light and not too strong.

White Rose necklace from Forever 21 at RM9.

A ring from Lovisa. It was on sale and it cost RM13.90. It looks a bit like an infinity signage to me lol.

Since it was CNY, I had a bunch of relatives who flew back to Malaysia to celebrate together with family. Sadly my sister didn't return this round. But she had my Aunt to pass me these items from UK and Amsterdam xD

Me and my cute cousin :)

If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be into anime now. And Naruto lol.

Dress from F Block at RM59.90.
Shoes from Tiamo at RM169 for 2 pairs.
Necklace from Lovisa at RM9 (on sale).

Me and brother.

Jeans Inspired Long Sleeved Blouse from Romp at RM49.90.
Blue High Waist Belt from Forever New at A$5.
Black High Waist Skirt from K-Mart at A$8.

Jeans themed brother and sister lol.

At Plan B, Paradigm Mall.

Wild Mushroom Pasta at Plan B.

Blueberry Cheesecake at Coffee Bean.

Brother's home made Vanilla Nut Custard.

Before CNY, me and Melissa went shopping at 1 Utama. Girl time y'all xD

Green Tea Soba with Chicken Katsu at Sushi Zanmai.

Me in my messy room lol.

Decided to tie my hair up. It was such a hot day and my hair is so long and heavy -.-

And wore the (fake) Chanel Earrings for the first time xD

Took a picture of the back of my hair with the help of the mirror lol. So long and thick and heavy. Not to mention very dark and black too lol.

Don't know why but my hair grows really fast somehow @.@

By July 2012, my hair grew till it reached below my chest. It was winter in Melbourne that time and it was such a pain to wash, blow and dry my long hair. It was very heavy and my hair kept falling.

I went for a hair cut at Springvale. A Vietnamese lady charged me A$15. Before I went to Springvale, I was scouting around Prahran. I went into Prahran Central and the lady wanted to charge me A$45. That's too expensive for just a hair cut (no wash not blow) so I said no lol.

Anyway, I cut my hair till my collar bone in July 2012. By November 2012, my hair reached my chest again. I think that's fast ><

I've had long hair for many many years and now I grew fed up and bored of it. Therefore I went to get a shorter hair cut. Will show you next time xD

This is all for the moment. Thank you for reading!

Till then, TTFN!

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