06 February, 2013


On the 30th of January,

Koibito and I had plans for dinner as it was our one year anniversary of being a couple lolll.

After I reached home from work, as I was about to hop in for a quick shower, koibito was at my door and I went to open it.

He was hiding behind a wall and I was like, "Why are you hiding there? Come out!".

And when he did, he surprised me with a lovely bouquet of roses xD

When I saw it, my heart instantly melted T^T

I never received roses from anyone before (except my parents lol) so it meant a lot to me :)

But the sad thing is that I had to throw it away because it wilted and gave out a funky scent :(

But I still have pictures! xD

After my shower, we went to Sunway Pyramid and had dinner at Tony Roma's.

I was like "Are you sure you want to eat here? It's really expensive you know! More expensive than TGIF!"  O.o

But he was sure of it so we proceeded. It has been ages since I last ate there. Probably 3-6 years ago? Or maybe even longer lol.

We ordered the current set that they offer which is a set for two. It comes with an entre (either soup or fried onion), main course (pick 2 out of 5), dessert (pick brownie or red velvet cake), drinks (either shake or soft drinks).

As expected, we had yummy food xD Nice price too lol.

 Its some onion thing. Sorry I forgot the name! ><

Main Course 1
Prawn Pasta. Omg this was so good. The amount of shrimp was generous and they're considerably big and juicy xD

I usually don't eat much shrimp/prawn because I'm allergic to them but this was an exception xD

I'm also allergic to crab T^T

Main Course 2
 Beef Ribs. This was so good as well. The beef ribs were so tender and juicy. Ahh. Drool xD

Strawberry Shake
This drink was yummy and very filling. It was more like a smoothie which made us full very quick.

Both of us had our own drink :)

Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream
By the time dessert came, the both of us were so full that we only ate the ice cream lol. The brownie wasn't that appetising as well.

That was our dinner for two. We shared everything and we still couldn't finish it all despite koibito and I being a big eater xD

And well some pictures of us camwhoring lol.

I'm happy that I was able to spend time with him on that day :)

That's it for this post! Thank you for reading :)


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