05 February, 2013

Essential Rich Premier Shampoo Review

Hello there!

I know its been a while since my last post. Forgive me as I have been busy! ><

I just ended work last Thursday and after that, I went on a short trip to Pangkor Island. Will talk about it in upcoming posts :)

But for now, this post will be a review of Essential Damage Care - Rich Premier shampoo.

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I have been using the Rich Premier range (Orange) for about 1 year plus and I like how it leaves my hair in a smooth and silky condition.

I shampoo my hair everyday or at least every alternate day to keep clean and avoid my hair turning greasy. I know that its bad to shampoo your hair everyday but I just can't stand not washing it! ><

If I was in Australia, it would be okay to wash it alternately but in Malaysia, there's just too much dust and I tend to sweat lol.

Besides that, I have dandruff. This shampoo does not help me fight the dandruff therefore I have to switch to dandruff shampoo alternately. I will review that in another post. 

Also, I use hair conditioner everytime I wash my hair. Remember to only use it on your ends! :)

Here are some pictures.



Hair Mask

I really like the conditioner and hair mask as it makes my hair really soft and smooth but I still have tangles at times ><

The scent is very refreshing and fruitty. For the Orange range it smells like a mixture of orange, lychee, and citrus to me lol.

These products cannot be found in Malaysia nor Australia. Perhaps its possible to find it in an Asian Gorcerry shop in Australia but other than that, it can't be found in local stores.

My sister bought this set in Thailand if I'm not mistaken. It is also sold in Singapore.

This is how the Pink range looks like;

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Doesn't the pink range look so cute? xD

The scent for this range smells like lychee :)

By the way, these products are from Japan :)  If only they sold it in Malaysia too ><

Ohh. And recently I got myself some new stickers! xD

I bought them from Popular Bookstore.

I know its really unnecessary but they're so cute I just couldn't resist ><

That's all for now.

Thank you for reading! :)


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