28 January, 2013

Out with my girl

Last Sunday, I had a girl's day out with Melissa!

We went to Setia Alam Shopping Centre. Ate at Secret Recipe for lunch and shopped after that. 

We were in H&M for about 1 hour plus xD Looking slowly and trying on clothes. 

Ah. Retail therapy always works xD Though its a bad solution to stress, I bought a few things xD

Here are some pictures!

Pretty Bestie! 

Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs and Earl Grey Tea

Neon Pink Scarf from H&M, on sale at RM10

White Floral Lace Skirt from H&M
 Will be wearing this during Chinese New Year xD If white colour is allowed ><

Close up
Neon Pink Necklace and Earring set from Lovisa, on sale at RM10
Close up on earrings
Close up on necklace
 Original price of this set is RM 69.90.

Crystal Peter Pan Collar Necklace from Lovisa, on sale at RM10

Close up
 Original price of this necklace is RM 81.90. So expensive ><

Crystal with Neon Pink Studs Necklace from Lovisa, on sale at RM10

Close up
Original price of this necklace is RM 55.90.

I'm really happy that I was able to get these gorgeous necklaces at such a good price! xD

If it was at it's original price, I think when I look at the price tag, my eyes would have bled @.@

Just so you know that Lovisa is an Australian brand if I'm not mistaken. I've been into a few outlets of Lovisa at Melbourne and it was expensive as well ><

By the way, RM10 is equal to A$3.15 :)

Durian Cendol at Sweet Chat
We had some dessert before we went home. I love this Durian cendol! xD But it was just too sweet ><

And this is a picture of me with the attempt of curling my hair with my curl tongs. It failed somewhat xD

Some of it were out of place and the curls didn't last long. My hair is tooooo straight. Like seriously -.- Its so hard to braid my hair or to tie it into a bun because it can't stay still. Too slippery. No kidding o.O

Well that's all for now! Thank you for reading :)


#Motivational Post


  1. Oh necklaces cheap! And you're wearing my flower necklace! And I think you look nicer with straight hair. I don't know why.. =S

  2. Haha okay. But I think my hair is tooo straight that it makes my hair look flat =/

    And yes! the necklaces were so cheap. SO HAPPY! XD


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