23 January, 2013


Last Tuesday was Sze Mun's birthday! xD

It's been ages since I last celebrated anyone's birthday. I kinda miss it :(

I've known her since I was 13 during high school. Its been a really long time since we met and I'm glad that we're still acquaintances xD

A bunch of us went to Plan B at Paradigm Mall to have dinner with her.

Its the first time I met up with her since I returned from Australia @.@

Here are pictures of us! xD

The adorable birthday girl xD

Making a long wish lol

Still wishing xD

Here comes the awesome 'birthday cake' xD

 Its so cute I just had to upload 2 pictures of it xD

Well its basically a bunch of desserts on a plate. But they're so yummy! xD Credits to Yu Yang :)

Sze Mun and Patrice

From left; Yu Yang, Sze Mun and Patrice

A cute picture of the girls :D

And the guys lol

Me and koibito xD

Me and cute birthday girl! xD

Well that's all for this post. Thank you for reading! xD

Oh my shoes. At work,

And oh my skirt lol

Till then, TTFN! 

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