21 January, 2013

Royal Herb EX Cream Review

Hello there!

In this post, I'm gonna review a skin care product called Royal Herb EX Cream.

This is my first review of a product lol.

I've received a tiny sample to try out from my mother's colleague. If I'm not mistaken, she gave this sample to me after seeing my face condition (which is bad).

It is a very interesting product I must say. It's the only product I ever come across that has gold dust in it lol.

I'm not sure why I can't find the official website of this product. Therefore I will briefly explain whatever I know of this product (which isn't much lol).

Or you can refer here for (proper) information at Bellabox.

This product is from Japan. It is available at Sephora outlets.

The first time I saw this product (before I received the sample), I thought it was a very cool product. It looked sophisticated and yes its very expensive lol.

If I can recall, I think the price I saw for the average packaging costs about RM300-500. I'm not sure of the exact amount but its roughly around there.

Referring to the time I was at Sephora, I tested a small amount of it on my hand and I thought it was alright.

It has a gel-ish texture. The gold flakes will dissolve and disappear into your skin once you start massaging it in circular motion.

The scent is decent and not too strong which is a good fact.

This is how the original packaging looks like.

Based on the piece of paper that came together with the sample, these are the benefits of the product.

And here are the instructions on how to use it. 

So on the day I received it, I immediately tried it at night after washing my face and applying toner and moisturiser.

How was it for me?

Well, after applying a small amount on my face, my face felt really sticky and oily

It took some time for it to absorb into my skin therefore leaving my skin feeling very slimy.

Because of that, I kinda dislike it because I really do not enjoy slimy, sticky and oily products on my face and skin. 

Other than that, when I woke up the next morning, I had a new pimple growing around my chin area and I had a red, blotchy patch underneath my right eye (cheek area).

Ever since then, I was afraid to use it because of what it done to my face.

This was how my skin reacted to this product but it may react differently on your skin. 

My skin's condition is a combination of oily and dry and it is very prone to breakouts and acne. Therefore using the right product for my skin is very important.

I'm so jealous of people with good skin T.T

That's all for this review. Will keep you posted! 

Hello Kitty Lamp in my room xD
Random Photo lol.

Till then, TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now)

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