22 June, 2013

Nama Nama

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Nama Nama Restaurant on Spring Street, Melbourne. 

I've been there about 3 times already and I really like the place and food. It is a Japanese restaurant and they're popular for their Udon and Bento. They have sushi and yummy desserts as well :)

(Images taken from previous posts)

It is quite pricey for me but I don't mind going back there once in a while.

What I really like about the place is also the fact that the waiters/waitress are Japanese. It is really authentic and I know I'm getting the real deal lol. Besides that, they use recycled materials for some  parts in the restaurant. I find that really cool and interesting :) Save the earth!

Recycled Milk Crates used as tables

Cardboard Menu

Recycled Milk Crates made into a small side table

Exterior View of Window Design

Isn't it lovely? :D I enjoy the atmosphere and the simple design. The food is really nice too :)

When I went there last week, I took these photos for an assignment which was related to Sustainability. So, I entered the shop around 3-4 pm on a Friday afternoon and I was the only customer. 

There was a Japanese waiter (he was cute xD) and I asked him which dessert is highly recommended? He recommended an apple cake and I decided to order that.

That's the cake :)
It was soooo yummy xD I really liked it. When I took a few bites, the waiter came and gave me a glass of hot soy milk. I was surprised because I knew that I didn't order that. I gave him a confused look lol.

He said he gave that to me because it goes really well with the apple cake. Oh my heart melted xD

He was nice and polite. Good service! xD

Not many of my friends know about this restaurant so I decided to blog about it :D It is worth a visit :)

That's it for this post! Thank you for reading :)


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