16 September, 2013

Miley Cyrus?

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Miley Cyrus.

She has been a hot topic for a few weeks now; from her We Can't Stop Video, VMA performance, and now Wrecking Ball.

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Okay. I must say her drastic change in We Can't Stop was really shocking (at least for me). I was thinking to myself; I didn't know she sang songs like this (it was meant for Rihanna). At first, I didn't quite like it because I wasn't used to it. She started wearing minimal clothes she didn't wear in her videos before (or did she?) and revealing much? I was shocked and wondered why she went in that direction/approach. She's the same age as me and boy I thought she's wild!

When I first listened to We Can't Stop, I thought it wasn't really my taste. Not my genre and not my type of song. Plus its Miley Cyrus (didn't think she could sing like that). But after listening to it for a few more times, it grew on me. And yes I like it.

The music video was really different as well. I was so used to seeing the sweet/girly side of her and now its the opposite! I'm not saying she's boyish or manly but the fact that she's going all out. Her style has totally changed and, I think she's cooler this way. Her hair is outrageous but cool lol.

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I don't know any of my friends who would cut their hair like Miley. Do you even have the guts?  I sure don't. What I'm saying is that, Miley is not afraid of showing what its like to be 'YOLO' (you only live once), in her own way of course. 

Think about it. There are a lot of songs about the end of the world and that we should party till then. But nobody is really taking that next step. I think Miley did. 

Why are so many people dissing and slamming her? I'm not taking her side nor am I her huge fan or so forth. But I think the society is really mean. She can really do whatever she wants, same goes for dressing and etc.

Okay, so she wore a cropped singlet and underwear in Wrecking Ball. Not to mention, naked as well. 


Lady Gaga wore lingerie/underwear in many of her videos but no one dissed/slammed her now did they?

Katy Perry was also naked (on a cloud) in California Gurls. I don't see anyone hatin' that.

I was listening to the radio a few days ago and the VJs were asking people what they thought of Wrecking Ball. Many said that they liked the song but didn't enjoy the video. The reason could be perhaps, like I said, she was naked in the video. Showing a lot of bare skin makes a lot of people uncomfortable eh? I totally understand that part. 

My eyes bulged out when I saw her naked on the wrecking ball. I was like what?!?!? That felt really unnecessary. It didn't seem to have any connection to the song at all. But who knows maybe it does have a connection? Perhaps in an artistic view. 

Reading the lyrics helped me understand it better. Its obvious this song is about her broken heart. She expresses her sadness in an artistic way which I thought was something exciting and fresh. I like her video! 

Why do people have to be so mean? Stop calling her a slut, whore, stripper, ugly, and other terrible things you would say. She doesn't deserve it. 

I don't know if she does drugs or so forth but that's none of my business. That's her life.

Nobody is perfect so stop judging others. Who are we to point out the imperfections of other people? 

The post has come to and end now. I do not mean for it to be aggressive in any way but I think we really need to look at ourselves first before others.

Thank you for reading!

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