17 September, 2013

Chez Dre

Hello dearies!

This is a throwback post about one of the cafes I visited in Melbourne last month. 

I guess I can say - I miss Melbourne in some ways :(

During the first year when I was there, I didn't enjoy Melbourne. I was so lonely and very very homesick. I didn't know many people and was always by myself. Sad isn't it? ><

But this year I'm so thankful that I made so many new friends at uni and at church. Plus, a few of my Malaysian friends came over to study this year. More friends wee! xD

Anyway, back to topic. My cell group leader took me and a friend out on a eating spree and we went to this cafe called Chez Dre located in South Melbourne. 

The name card of the cafe.

We had tea and cakes there and they were awesome! :) They were pricy of course (when you convert).

I really enjoy desserts in Melbourne because they're really tasty and enjoyable. Not to mention the quality of the cake - yum!

They look amazing don't they? xD I was impressed. Hehe.

We chit chat while eating our cakes and before I went home, I just had to get Macarons :)

I even wrote down the flavours lol. 

I was sick during that time (cough and phelgm) but I couldn't resist. Lol. 

But after this, I really appreciate Malaysia's price. Lol. One Macaron could cost around RM3-4. In Melbourne, its $3-4 @.@ I paid $4 each for this Macarons ><

This is a short post so I guess it ends here.

Thank you for reading!

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