18 September, 2013

Poupee Girl

Hey there!

Today's post will be about Poupee Girl - an online Japanese, fashion, dressing up game :)

I was introduced to this when I was about 15 years old. I was so addicted and hard working back then to earn ribbons (ribbons = money in the game). I had many beautiful clothing and treasures but 3 of my accounts were shut down :( Will explain a bit more during the post. 

What do I like about it? - The fact that its a Japanese game already gets me excited lol. Also, I love the level of detail in the graphics. The fashion is really lovely too :)

It looks like a child's game but hey, I was a child back then ;)

So why am I talking about it now? I just thought of introducing something different to you :) Who knows you might enjoy it xD

This is my Poupee Girl. And this is how the homepage looks like.

As I mentioned above, Ribbons are money in the game. Suteki on the other hand means likes. As in Facebook like.

My closet is the image library of the fashionable items you posted. Eg; clothes, make up, hand bags, etc. This is a quick way to earn Ribbons.

To post photos, click the post photos tab and you should come to a page like this;

After you have selected the image that you want to post, fill in the information located on the right, then click done at the bottom of the page.

Now that you have posted an item, you will receive Ribbons. And also, a mystery item!

For posting images, you can post up to 10 images per day and they won't give you anymore Ribbons after that. But I recommend you to post up to 5 images per day. This is because, the more you post, the less Ribbons they give you each time. For the first two images, they will give you more Ribbons but after that, it decreases. 

IMPORTANT! You need to really really follow the rules and regulations when you are posting an item. If not, the consequences are heavy :( This was what I meant when I stated earlier.

They will give you a list of things that you can and can't post. If you did not follow the instructions, they have the authority to take your Ribbons, your clothes/accessories and even ban your account. 3 of my previous accounts were banned. BANNED! All my hard effort gone down the drain. I was so so sad. So, PLEASE be careful when posting images. Follow the instructions carefully.

Another way to earn Ribbons besides posting images is to comment on your Poupee friend's items. Each comment gives you 2 Ribbons. It is a slower way but if you're desperate, I don't see why not. Lol. Or another alternative would be to buy Ribbons with your real money.

Okay, now for the wardrobe.

So this is my wardrobe for my Poupee Girl. I can dress her up any way that I like. Each day when you dress up your Poupee girl, you get 10 Ribbons. You can also show off your Poupee in your blog (like how I did on the right) or share it on Facebook and Twitter. But this won't earn you any Ribbons. 

The SELL button means that you can sell any item that you want. You can even select the price for it. 

Guess what, Poupee girl even has their own town! It is the Community tab.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of things going on in the town but I'm only gonna mention a few. To start off, the Shell Spring is a fountain where you throw in 5 shells and get a random item for free. Before that, make sure you have enough shells to do this. You can get shells when you share the image of your Poupee girl on Facebook and Twitter or by visiting your Poupee friends. 

The Poupee Market is a market place where other Poupee girls sell their items. It looks like this;

The items sold are a set price therefore you can't bargain. 

The Celebrity Shop is a shop selling clothes and merchandise for your Poupee. It is called Celebrity shop because they were designed by real life Celebrities. The items are mainly sold in Jewels (real cash). I could never afford to buy any because I didn't purchase Jewels T^T And I'm so jealous because the items are much more nicer than Ribbons purchased items. 

Moving on, the Beauty Poupee is the place for your Poupee to get surgery. There, she can change her mouth, eyes, etc. To change the hairstyle of your Poupee, that has to be done in your wardrobe. You can buy many cute hairstyles with Ribbons. Not to mention the hair colour as well. 

Next, is the Katherine Shop. Katherine is somewhat the icon of Poupee Girl. She has her own shop and you can buy lovely items there. There's the Jewel area and the Ribbons area.

An example of the Ribbons area. This is under the Girly and Sweet items.

What's cool is that, you can try them on your Poupee first to see if you like it. They did't have this feature a few years back and it cost a lot of regret for me lol. You can zoom in to the see the clothing further and boy, the detail of the graphics are sooooooo detailed. I love it!

I have come to an end explaining Poupee Girl. If you're bored, you could always give it a try xD

I hope this has been a helpful post. Thank you for reading!


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