21 September, 2013

September 2013 Haul

Hey Hey!

This is yet another haul for the month of September :)

Recently, I've been into face care products and face masks. I have my sister to thank/blame. Lol.

And right now, Sasa is having a lot of sales going on. I bought a lot ><

These are the body lotions that I'm using currently. Since I came back to Malaysia, I've been paranoid with the sun (I didn't have much worries in Melbourne's winter), therefore I told myself I needed to get a lotion with sun protection. And since the Nivea UV Whitening Serum came out not too long ago, I thought I'd give it a try.

I like the texture as it is gel based. I really dislike lotions that are too creamy. Also, the scent it light and decent. Not too sun block-ish. I know that its a whitening product but I'm not too concerned about that.

The next lotion (on the right), is the Enchanteur Body Lotion in Beautiful. I've never tried this lotion before this. It is also a gel based lotion and yes I love that. Besides that, it is also a perfume body lotion. I smell so good every time xD But sometimes the scent can become suffocating ><

Me and my sister bought a new watch as well. The exact same watch lol.

By the way, here's my accessories collection hehe.

I've been told it looks like a shop lol.

Moving on to face masks now.

I must say, face masks packaging are becoming cuter and cuter! They make buy them for the wrong reasons! ><

These are the new face masks that I bought. I had a few more but I've worn them already. 

My Beauty Diary Honey Strawberry Mask (left), and Strawberry Milk Mask (right). Current promotion is buy one, second mask 50% off, at Guardian Pharmacy.

My Scheming; Deep Sea Water + Ice Age Water Extract Moisturizing Silk Mask

I fell in love with the packaging at first sight lol. Got it from Watsons for RM6.90.

Watsons promotion; buy one, 50% of the next mask. Good deal eh? ;)

Beauty Mate - Anti Blemish Repairing Mask at 2 for RM 8.90, at Guardian Pharmacy. I look forward to try this face mask. The sales girl recommended this to me as I have a lot of blemishes. She told me many customers come back just for this lol. I hope she's right.

This, on the other hand is an eye mask. What I can say about this eye mask is that, its not your typical eye mask. It has a gel coat on it which allows it to stick to your skin (not in a harsh way). It is very soft and jelly-like. I've only tried it once and I'm not sure if I see any difference ><

This is my first product from ZA, Future Defense Wrinkle Minimizer. I got it at a very cheap price; RM13 from Guardian (I think they're having sale now). I've yet to try it out once my current eye roll finishes :) 

Skinlite Cooling Cucumber Pads from Sasa at RM 8.90. I bought this product before many years ago. I didn't think I'd buy it again. But now as I grow older, I realise that my eyes are beginning to have tiny wrinkles, eye bags and dark eye circles. So, taking early precaution will prevent future aging :) You can put the cucumber pads on your face as well.

Loreal Hydra Fresh Aqua Essence 50ML from Sasa at RM 14.80. This is my first Loreal product! I really like get based products and its so happened that this is a gel based essence. Hehe. I have not tried it yet but I look forward to it :)

Another product that I have started using (not shown in the picture above); is the Hadanomy Collagen Lotion, from Sasa at RM23.90 (half price).

I started using this product a few weeks ago and I like it :) This product is not a typical lotion. It has a jelly/gel texture and it is very easy to apply! It spreads very easily and 2 drops are more than enough for your entire face. My face feels very hydrated and supple after applying. The best thing is that, I do not get any break outs from it :) Awesome! :D I would like to get the whole set but its too expensive :( So I'll just stick with this for now.

And another product I bought from Sasa is the Grape Anti Aging Hand Cream, for RM6.90. 

After using it a few times, I can say that, I regret buying this. The scent doesn't seem that nice after a while and the texture is awful. After I apply on my hands, my hands feel oily. And when its finally absorbed, my hands feel very dry. I don't know if I'm making any sense here but yes, this is one item I regret buying :(

Lastly, this is my favourite product of the moment.

The Konjac Face Sponge from Sasa, at RM6.45 (half price). It comes in several types; Charcoal, Tomato, Aloe Vera, Rose and Cucumber.

I've tried the Charcoal Sponge for the first time and I love it! I came back to buy 3 more (shown below) lol.

From left to right; Charcoal Sponge, Tomato Sponge, Cucumber Sponge

It has a string that allows you to hang after using. I find it so convenient hehe.

So how do you use it? What I do is that, I wash my face with my cleanser, and while the cleanser is still on your face, take the sponge (wash is with water first), and start scrubbing with circular motion. It has a very soft and gentle feel and that's why I love it. It's not harsh like some sponges I know. My face feels very soft and smooth after scrubbing.  Its gentle enough for you to use it everyday :)

Also, did you know that Daiso has a Hello Kitty Section? :D

I couldn't resist. I had to get this xD

Ma Cherie Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner by Shiseido for RM12.88, at Guardian Pharmacy.

This was something I wanted to try so badly. It was released in Malaysia not too long ago. And I know it was out in Singapore for a long time already T^T

I bought the travelling size pack because the rest are just too expensive! >< But I enjoy using this product :) My hair smells like Guava and fruits. Ahh. Nice. Hehe.

My haul has come to an end now. I hope you enjoy reading this post :)

Don't mind me. I was testing different types of stamps on my photos. Lol.

Till then! TTFN.

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