25 September, 2012



I posted some of the jewelry that I have in a previous post. They were mainly necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories. 

Now I'm gonna post the earrings that I have. I have a lot more than this but there's too many to take pictures of lol.

My favourite pair :)

A gift from a friend :)

That's it for the earrings. Now I will post images of the clothes I bought recently xD

From Parade. Size 8. Love this top :)

From Hipster. Size S

From Ginger Tree. Size 8.

From Cocolatte. Size 6.

From Cocolatte. Size 6.

From Tempt. Size 8.
Some of the clothes aren't very new and some are very new lol. Right now I have a total of 4 peplum tops xD (Did I spell that right? o.O) 

That's all for now. TTFN,

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