07 October, 2012

Interior Design

Hey there. 

It's been a while since I posted anything ><

I hope you guys enjoyed the previous post ^-^

In this post, I will talk a lil about Interior Design and what inspired me. When I was 13, I knew I wanted to study Interior Design. I kept that thought with me until I finished SPM (O Levels). After graduating from high school, I went to study Diploma in Interior Design at The One Academy of Communication Design (TOA). I was there for about 4 semesters (1 year and 1 semester) and later on transferred to Taylor's University for 1 semester due to personal reasons lol. And currently I am studying Bachelor of Interior Design at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. 

So basically I've been to 3 institutes to study Interior Design. I'm looking forward to graduate next year :) 

What I'm about to say is just my opinion and based on my experience. 

These 3 unis have different approaches of teaching. First of all, TOA focuses and prioritise drawings. I think lol. We did a lot of sketches, rendering, and model making back then. Whereas Taylor's Uni focused more on theory subjects. As for Swinburne, it's a balance. All these unis focus on design and concept as well.

Interior Design is not all about drawing. People tend to have this assumption that I.D is just drawing and decorating. Well, it's not. Many people came up to me and have this conversation ;

XX : What are you studying?
Me : Interior Design.
XX : Oh wow! I heard it's tough with loads of drawings and models.
Me : Oh really? Who told you that?
XX : People told me.

Yes it is true that Interior Design requires drawing and making models but that's not what it's all about. Why do many people misunderstand T.T An I.D needs to be creative and logical. We have essays too. And we have to think a lot about how we can make a space and design work considering materials, sustainability, culture, climate, natural lighting, ventilation and etc.

Drawing and sketching is to understand the space, to illustrate to the client, and to show it's 3 Dimensional Form. Model making is a 3-D form by itself therefore the client can visualise how the space is expected to be, the function of space and the flow of space. We have plan drawing as well. 

All design subjects are not easy. Honestly, design is a very expensive course to take up. Buying cardboard, glue and other materials per semester is really expensive. But overall, to take up design, you have to be prepared for a whole load of assignments, staying up late at night, sudden presentations, getting scolded and getting critiques. 

Some lecturers may not like your ideas and proposal. So what happens? Do it again. What if they still don't like it? Do it again. You can't stop till they approved it. And that really requires a lot of effort. I'm not kidding.

I had the feeling of giving up many many times because I felt that I couldn't do it and I'm not good enough. But my family and friends supported me and that's why I'm still here :)

But overall, I.D is a fun subject. So are other design subjects. Communication Design looks interesting xD The fun thing about I.D is that you get to expand your range of design. Previously I had an assignment to design for Alice In Wonderland to live in a penthouse. Is that cool? Lol. It was a rather complex task but I managed to pass xD

I don't mean to scare you with what I said lol. It's just my opinion and personal experience. 

I'm gonna upload some pictures of the work I've done previously. They're not that great but I just want you to understand where I'm coming from :)

I will show some work from TOA (Semester 1- 4) because I don't have much work to show from Taylor's Uni since I was there for only 1 semester. 

Not really great work but yeah lol. 

Oh by the way, do you know what inspired me to study Interior Design?

The Sims. Lol.

Well at first it was The Sims, then The Sims 2 and now The Sims 3. I love that game. Playing that game really inspired me. Don't take games for granted ;)

If you have any questions or comments, you can always email me or leave a comment in the box below.

Till then. TTFN.

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