17 December, 2013

Forever 21

It was my 21st birthday two days ago! 

(Dad took this picture. His finger is in the way lol)

I think I had a rather simple birthday lol. I've seen a lot of people my age have big parties for their 21st. On my birthday, I went to church, napped and went out for dinner with my family. No big do or whatsoever. 

What I wore on my birthday;

Blouse and Skirt//H&M, Earrings//ASOS

Dress//Princess Polly, Flats//Tiamo, Bag//Guess?, Earrings//Colette

Had birthday dinner at Monte's, Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Xmas tree at Monte's.

And some Xmas Deco at BSC;

I love this! It is such a smart idea! Awesome eh? :)

Don't you just love Christmas Season? Makes me spend more unconsciously -.-

Anyway, I'm happy to be a December child. Your birthday may come later than everyone else, but, you remain younger when everyone else had their early birthdays xD I know a friend who's birthday is on the 31st of December @.@

Melissa got me a lovely gift;

My first ever MAC lipstick :) The rest of my gifts were jewelry.

I haven't blogged for over a week now. Firstly, remember I said was ill? Well I thought I got better until the cough came. Secondly, I was lazy lol. Third, I'm currently attending a workshop on Autodesk 3Ds Max Design Essential, so yeah, that's gonna take up 3 days. Tomorrow is my last day. 

And my wisdom tooth is hurting more than ever! T^T 

Also, I went out with Melissa for my belated birthday dinner at Namoo by the Park, Publika. The place is nice; good environment, tasty food, slightly pricy though.

The both of us had the same dish. And we had dessert later on. So yummy! We were really really full ><

Rice Burger

Rocky Road Chocolate Bar at Plan B.

This pretty much sums up this post.

A previous OOTD;

Denim Blouse//Romp, Panther Dress//H&M, Shoes//Nike, Watch//New Look

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