22 December, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2013

(I'm doing two posts today because I'm free now. Lol.)

Went to Comic Fiesta 2013!

This is my second time to CF. The first time I went was when I was 13 years old. At that time, CF wasn't such a big thing yet. 8 years ago, it was held at Sri Sedaya for two days. The number of people was fairly alright. It wasn't very crowded to the extent of being squashed. I could breathe and stretch my arms. 

As a 13 year old girl, I was a new anime freak. I was into Naruto and Bleach at that time so I went crazy and bought a lot of merchandise and figurings. I still have them today :D

I didn't see many cosplayers at that time nor did I stay back to watch the performances/competitions and so on. I do remember a live band though lol. 

As I attended CF 2013 yesterday, I was shocked to see how much it grew. It was so so so so so so crowded. I expected it to be crowded but not THAT crowded. Its definitely not how it was 8 years ago. I saw youngsters everywhere, and I somewhat felt old lol. Also, there were cosplayers everywhere!!! I saw mothers helping out their daughters get dressed. I was like awwwww.

Since I did not have a ticket in advance, had to queue for about an hour. And when I could finally enter the hall, the place was absolutely packed. It was noisy, crowded, smelled like sweat, and tiring. It really is worse than a night market. 

The never ending queue.

Don't get me wrong. I love anime. I love anything Japanese. And I love the fact that the people who attend CF are very passionate about it. I salute/respect those who put in so much time and effort into cosplaying. Its not an easy thing. Also, I'm so happy to see the anime kingdom grow so much! :D

Some photos I took;

Creepy yet elegant.

Super cute Lolita girls and their shop.

The things sold at CF are badges, artwork, bookmarks, posters, food, anime clothes, comics, anime DVDS, figurings, books, notebooks, and much more lol (can't remember now).

Its cool to see so many beautiful artwork. What more, the artist is there as well! Drawing right in front of you. So many talented artists. Awesome! :D

The overall experience of CF is eye opening because you get to discover much more anime, see what's up to date in the anime kingdom, and discover many awesome artists. But it was also a really tiring experience because you practically have to stand the entire time and squish around with other people. I was so worried that I would get pick pocketed ><

In the 8 years gap of not attending CF, I can really see how much it grew. From a small Sri Sedaya hall to many halls in KLCC. That's a huge improvement!

I hope more and more people will know the awesomeness of anime! xD

Some OOTDs;

Top//Sunway Pyramid, Skirt//Forever 21, Belt//Tempt

Cardigan//Thailand, Camisole//Cocolatte, Skirt//Stylix

That's all for this post.


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