13 November, 2013

Etude House - Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil

This post is a review about Etude House - Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil in Red/Burgundy.

- Brand: Etude House
- Country of Origin: Korea
- Colour Code: RD304
- Weight: 1.9g
- Status: Limited Edition
- Waterproof
- No shimmer or glitter or pearl
- Matte texture
- Price: RM39.90

Silicon & Film Polymer, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E 

Product Description;
- Enriched colour creates gorgeous eye look
- Creamy texture for both eye line and eye shadow
- Waterproof type strong against water and sweat to remain clean for hours
- Contains coconut oil and vitamin E for moisturised eyes

How to use;
- Remove oil of eyes and draw eye line naturally
- Smudge oil of eyes and draw eye line naturally (not really sure what they're trying to say but I    
  think they mean smudge it for a different effect)

(Reference from Korea Depart)

This product comes in 4 different shades;

(Image from Korea Depart)

I first saw this product at Etude House, Sunway Pyramid. I was quite interested because its something different than your daily black eyeliner and I was also inspired by a Korean Make Up tutorial. It costs RM 39.90 T^T That's expensive for an eyeliner but well, its limited edition. I hesitated for a moment and I decided not to buy it.

On my previous trip to Singapore, I checked out the Etude House at Vivo City and to my surprise, this product was slightly cheaper than Malaysia. Hence, I bought it at RM33.90.

What can I say about this product?

1) It has this sort of creamy texture which can make it a bit difficult to apply because, the more  creamy = the more it smudges.

2) The tip of the pencil breaks easily as well. I was quite annoyed with that because, when it breaks, the less I have left! I prefer to draw eyeliner with a pointy tip because I find it more precise and accurate to draw with, rather than a blunt tip. But it has broken twice now, therefore, I can't make it as pointy as I want it to be.
3) This product is said to be waterproof and yes I can confirm that it is. I drew a line on my hand (image above) and I've washed my hand several times with water and it didn't smudge or fade (I washed my hand normally without touching the line).

Next, I took one step further. I showered normally without touching the line. After the shower, the line faded drastically but there were still traces of it there. That was just an experiment I did hehe.

I mentioned above that I was inspired by a Korean Make Up Tutorial. It is the Pony's Beauty Diary - Burgundy Make Up video.

This tutorial really inspired me to try red/pink make up colours. I don't think red is an easy colour to wear on the eyes but she proved me wrong! 

She has many other tutorials which I find really interesting and inspiring. You can check them out here :)

So, what's your thought on burgundy make up? :)

Here's an OOTD before I end the post;


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