A list of the goals I want to achieve in my life OR the goals/items I wish to have in my life. Lol.


Basically, I would love to visit Tokyo first, then other parts of Japan. But I'm not allowed to step foot into Japan at the moment because of the previous Nuclear explosion and radiation. For this, I AM DEEPLY SAD T^T

2) 100% Cutie by Charuca Book

Even though I major in Interior Design, I love looking at Graphic/Illustration/Communication Design books. They really give me inspiration and I really love some of the designs. Here's more info about this book


3) Graphic Candy Book

Another book that I'm really interested in. I was flipping through the pages of this book and I absolutely love the content! This book content contains more of packaging design. A very inspiring read. Here's more info about this book.

4) Design my DREAM HOUSE

There are so many images running through my mind of how I want to design it. But first of all, I hope I can get a house or apartment first lol.

5) Have good skin

Self explanatory.

Note: Images from Google

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