04 September, 2012

My Jewelry/Hair Accessories

In this post I will post some of my necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories that I have with me in Australia. I'm more of an earring person. Studs preferably. Loud studs lol. I will post earrings in another post. But for now, these first :)

From Peacock 
From Ebay

From Sports Girl

Handmade (Not by me)

Pandora Imitation

From Vincci. Present from sister :)

From Forever21. Present from koibito :)

From Forever Kawaii

From Forever21

From Forever21

From Forever21

From Diva

Handmade (Not by me)

From Girls

From a stall in Sunway Pyramid

That's all for this post. Will keep you posted. TTFN.

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