01 July, 2013

Lipstick of the moment!

I bought a new lipstick last month and it is currently my favourite lipstick! xD

It is the Maybelline - Color Sensational in 904 Vivid Rose.

I really love the colour! It is a mixture of hot pink and rosy pink. What I like about it is that its not too strong or bright. It is just right for me. Its not a barbie pink just to let you know lol.

The texture is not bad. Quite moist I can say. I really dislike lipsticks that have a dry texture because they make my lips feel so dry and stiff. 

Also, I usually do not apply lipsticks directly onto my lips. I apply a layer of lip balm first and then the lip stick. It makes it easier to apply the lipstick when your lips are moist. Smooth application :)

And, the span it can last on my lips is about 1-2 hours. Drinking water and eating while you wear lipstick is a very quick way for your lipstick to fade away. So if you're lazy (like me) to keep on applying the lipstick, avoid those things.  

This is such a short post and really, that's all for now lol.

Thank you for reading! :)

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