04 August, 2013

Gold Coast Trip!

Hello people!!

I am soooo sorry that I haven't blogged since July! >< To be honest I got rather lazy lol. I know that's bad ><

But here I am today with a new post! It is about my recent trip to Gold Coast, Queensland. It was a rather short trip. I went there with a friend for 4D3N. 

We booked the whole trip under Extra Green. Its a sort of tour thing and they can help you organise your trip with transport and etc. But this round, me and my friend preferred free and easy hehe.

We bought tickets to Dream World and Movie World via Extra Green for $89 each theme park; including transport. If you booked it by yourself, you have to figure out your own transport. 

So, the place we were staying at is Islander Resort Hotel. It was a 3-3.5 star hotel if I'm not mistaken. Don't expect high class facilities lol. It was just average.

We were really lucky that the hotel is located in the heart of Gold Coast which is Surfers Paradise. Because its easier for us to walk around the city. And it is also near the beach! :D

The hotel.

Pretty and peaceful beach at Beach Front :)

The weather is much warmer than it is in Melbourne. You definitely do not need a winter coat there lol. But I still felt cold ><

One thing me and my friend found strange was that, it was difficult to find proper restaurants around the place we stayed. Of course there's McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, and KFC, but we can't eat that for the whole trip. Right? Lol. On the first day we arrived, we ate burger twice -.-

Okay, moving on to Dream World. It wasn't a pleasant time for me there lol. There is a Dream Works section and there was Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and Madagascar rides. We walked around the whole theme park and we didn't know which ride to go first (or worth going). In the end, the first ride we sat was bumper cars at the Kung Fu Panda section lol.

Honestly, that was fun lol. The second ride I sat was some 360 degrees, super fast ride which made me feel so sick and dizzy. And then for the rest of the time throughout the theme park, I didn't ride anything else because I felt so sick -.- Plus! It was raining in the afternoon -.-

It wasn't as enjoyable as I anticipated but that's that I guess. I have some pictures to show though xD

Now, moving on to Movie World! :D

I really enjoyed Movie World! It was much more cleaner, nicer and the effort made into maintaining the place is good! :) It was much more crowded than Dream World as well.

Why do I like it? - Because of the popular characters from cartoons and movies that were made into themed rides.

This roller coaster behind me is Superman Escape.

Look at that bend! :O I was sooo nervous to ride this. I did ride it in the end >< It was so high up and its super fast. Especially going up the bend, the ride zoomed up so quickly and slowed down on the top for about 2 seconds and then rolled down really fast. My goodness. Talk about heart attack o.O It was a fun experience anyway. Once is enough though ><

There were three adult roller coasters in total. Superman, Green Lantern, and Batman. I rode all of them lol. I don't know which one was the scariest. I would say Green Lantern is NOT that scary because it wasn't that fast though it was really high up and it had upside down twists. Batman was scary though >< It was a hanging type of roller coaster where your feet would be exposed to the air. And of course, it also has upside down twists too. 

I'm sure you realised that I got lazy and just spammed this post with photos. Lol. I finished most of what I needed to say anyway.

But overall, I would recommend people to visit Movie World rather than Dream World. Maybe its just me who isn't fond of it. But if you want to, you could visit Dream World of course lol.

That's all for now! Thank you for reading! :)


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  1. Love the pics mei! Movie World looks fun! Btw, just thought I'd let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Details can be found at http://beauteebeauty.blogspot.com/2013/08/liebster-blog-award-x6.html

    Looking forward to reading your post! =D


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