01 September, 2013

June - August 2013 Haul

Hey there!

This post is gonna be a full of images of random things I bought in between the month of June to August 2013. I have nothing much to say because I know that this is a massive delay and I've cramped it all into this post >< Sorry about that! I've been busy and lazy. But! Here I am! xD

Plus, images of food too :D

Lego Giraffes at Myers :)

Psssssstttt...let me tell you something.

I don't know or even have the slightest clue on how to play Lego @.@ Lol.

This is my favourite Korean dish! The spicy Kimchi soup. Its so spicy till it makes me sweat. Or maybe I'm just weak lol. Though its spicy for me, I keep coming back for more xD

Cheese on Chicken. Droool xD

Thanks to Melbourne, I've been exposed to awesome Korean food and I keep craving for it! xD

Here are some of the cosmetics, make-up and beauty products that I bought.

I've tried the:

1) Aveeno Body Lotion;

 I didn't really like it because the texture remains slightly oily on your skin after applying. Plus, you have to keep on rubbing/massaging the lotion into your skin for it to be fully absorbed. The scent isn't that great but if your into products with little scents, this might suit you.

2) Johnsons Baby Soothing Natural Body Lotion;

Love it! The scent is lovely and the texture is awesome. It absorbs into your skin quickly after applying and leaves your skin really soft. Its really easy to apply onto the skin as well.

3) Rimmel Long Lasting Nail Polish in Turqouise; (refer to image above)

I love it! It lasts really long and the application is so smooth. The colour is really lovable and 2 coats are more than enough.

I've also tried the colour next to it which is the Rimmel 60 seconds Nail Polish in Coral. I don't think it is as lasting as the long lasting nail polish. The colour is lovely but it chips really fast.

I ate the whole box by myself xD

I haven't eaten much chocolate for a long time now so its okay hehe.

Me and koibito :)

This chocolate biscuit is AWESOME! :D

I bought this for $2 from a random shop on Chapel Street, Prahran. I don't even know how to apply them >< Time to practice hehe.

Got this for $2 as well from DFO. The Rimmel Nail Sticker was $1 from Priceline.

 $1 Manicure Set from DFO.

A gloomy and rainy day at Prahran.

 Malaysia's most well know dish; Nasi Lemak. Direct translation means rice fat lol.

Beautiful sunny day at Prahran :)

More make-up, cosmetics and beauty stuff that I bought. Haven't tried them out yet though.

I bought this on Ebay for less than $5! It is so adorable! Me happy :D

Freebies from Natio.

More freebies from Natio.

The flat head penguin that I bought from Dream World, Gold Coast. Hehe.

And more merchandise from Movie World.

I really really like these designs. Bought them each for $0.80! From Springvale Market :)


I know I spammed this post with a lot of images. And I didn't write much as well because, I have so many photos that I haven't upload. And when I upload them in one shot, there's too much to write! Therefore, I got lazy @.@ I'm so behind T.T

I promise I will make it up to you in the next post! ><

Till then, TTFN!

 A photo of me earlier this year :)


  1. All of the food looks so yummy! Also, I love that pink statement necklace! :)

  2. Hello Monica!

    All those food were so yummy they made me gain weight! ><

    And thank you! I couldn't resist buying that necklace. Hehe.


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