11 January, 2014

-ISM Architecture Exhibition

Last night, I attended an architecture exhibition by architecture students from Taylor's University.

If I'm not mistaken, the exhibition is still on going until a certain date. It is held at White Box, Publika.

What's the exhibition about? - Taylor's University graduating architecture students displaying their awesome final projects :)

A friend invited me to attend it and I went. Another 2 of my friends' work are displayed in the exhibition as well. Their projects are really good! I circulated the exhibition and EVERYBODY'S WORK IS GOOD. I feel so pressured ><

The theme of the exhibition is -ISM. A clearer definition from the Facebook event page; -ISM is used in philosophy to identify a specific style of philosophy or in another word, theory. It reflects not only on our three-years encounter with architecture, but also the on-going urge to move forward, and that these styles of philosophy apply the same in architecture, theories that describe ways of thinking about architecture.

I thought it was a cool concept :)

Opening ceremony at Black Box.

A book compilation of all the students' work.

Me and my high school peeps. The both of them are studying architecture! I'm the odd interior designer lol. The girl on my left is the friend who invited me to the exhibition. Her work is being displayed! :)

Before the exhibition, we had dinner at Ben's. I had this delicious Pad Thai Seafood Linguine :)

Also, I realised that Publika has a huge influence in graphics. I've been to the 2 different toilets at Publika and each toilet has a different graphic. They're really interesting :D

I usually don't take photos of washrooms but this was quite cool lol.

One example below;

Cool no? Lol.

I'll the end the post with 2 pictures.

Me and bro.

Dress//Sungai Wang, Bag//Forever New, Flats//Ti Amo


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