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♥ Rachel, a 21 year old Malaysian blogger who's interested in beauty, make-up, fashion, food, and     design

 A fresh graduate from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia with a Bachelor of Interior   Design

♥ Sagittarius baby

 Loves pink, Sanrio, Japanese related, chocolate, Sushi/Sashimi, Kimchi

 Interested in sweet and girly Korean/Japanese fashion, also experimental in different fashion           tastes depending on my mood

 Have acne prone skin

 Dislikes cinnamon, caramel, gummies, Duffy, Amy Winehouse, insects, people who jump queue,    and inconsiderate drivers

 Studied Japanese language for approximately 2 years plus (didn't practice much so don't expect        advance Japanese!)

 Studied Italian language for one semester but sadly it totally went down the drain :(

 Learned Classical Guitar for approximately 7 years and I'm proud to say I have achieved The  
  Grade 5 Trinity Exam :) (I have not practiced ever since I went to Melbourne, hence I'm not as
  good as I used to be)

 I have a soft heart for animals

 I do not have a favourite genre of music but I do listen to Pop, Rock, Indie, Jazz and    
  Bossa nova

♥ Make Up role model; Pony's Beauty Diary

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1) Images that has been uploaded in the posts are taken by me unless stated. 

2) Text that has been displayed are purely based on my personal opinion. 

3) I own this blog and each post has been written and edited by me. 

4) Products/items are purchased with my own money unless stated.

5) Each post is based on my own free will unless stated.

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