17 August, 2012


If shopping was a crime, I think I would have died by now. No kidding. I get tempted easily (this is so bad) when it comes to shopping. I only buy things that appeal to me of course. But I do buy some nonsense not beneficial items once in a while. I DON'T KNOW WHY! Temptation -.-

Here are the pictures of items I bought recently. As in this week lol.

Sharpie Markers - Fine Point
 I got this at American Apparel on Chapel Street, Prahran. Each pen costs A$1. Normal price is A$2. American Apparel is having sales right now so that's why the pens are reasonably cheap ^-^

Korean Notebook
Inside of the notebook
 This notebook cost A$2 at All books for less, DFO, South Wharf. It's created by a korean company. And the pages are made out of recycled paper. Save the earth :)

Rubi Hoisery
 This hoisery costs A$2 each. Sale item at Cotton On, DFO, South Wharf. I bought two because it was so darn cheap xD This is why I like DFO ^-^

Rubi Nail Polish
 This was from Cotton On, Chapel Street. And it costs A$1. The colour is awesome.

Dotti Bow High Waist Belt
 I've been searching for a belt like this for ages and I finally found one that fits my waist with the right size. This belt fits a S/M and it costs A$6. Sale item at Dotti, DFO, South Wharf. It comes in two colours, black and beige.

Dotti Penguin Jumper
 Okay this jumper was really unnecessary to buy. The only reason I bought it was because of the penguin. Literally lol. It's quite pricy too. It was A$30 at Dotti, Chapel St. The material is good though. Very comfortable. This size is a XS.

Cocolatte Sheer Polka Dot Blouse
 I'm not sure if this is a blouse. Its very sheer and light. Probably made out of chiffon. The colour and design was so cute that it caught my eye immediately lol. This cost A$8 at Cocolatte, Melbourne Central. This top is in a size 6. Of course it is not suitable to wear it now (winter), but its super suitable to wear it in Malaysia where its always hot. Like 27-33 celcius.

Parade Neon Yellow Bell Top
 I'm not sure how to describe or call this kind of design. It flares out at the bottom bit making you look curvy :) I must say that this is so out of my fashion range. I never wore any neon coloured clothing before. And this is my first 'bell' top in this colour. It costs A$20 at Parade, Chapel Street. This top is in a size 8.

If you're not sure where this shop is at, its somewhere opposite Coles and Priceline. I love this shop because everything in there is A$20 flat.

Princess Polly Scallop Dress
 This dress is so adorable. I really like the scallop bit at the bottom. This dress was on sale at Princess Polly, Glenferrie. There was a section in the middle of the shop that was having sales. The deal is any two items for A$50. I got this one and another dress (below picture). This dress was the last one and its a size 6. Thank goodness I can fit it. I just need to keep a flat stomach all day LOL.

Princess Polly Green Lacey Dress
Got this dress from Princess Polly as well with the any two items for A$50 deal. The colour really appealed to me. So did the lace. It looks like a tea party type of dress. Not like I'm attending any tea party lol. This is a size 8.

And that's what I bought this week. In just 5 days LOL. I feel bad somehow for spending money unnecessarily. But at the same time I don't feel so bad because I bought them with my own working money. Still, I will try~ to spend more wisely lol.

Till then, TTFN.


If you have any thoughts or opinions, feel free to comment as I am interested to hear from you! =)