16 August, 2012

Cup of Tea

I'm a person who doesn't drink coffee. I'm a milk and tea person. Not milk tea but separately. In this post I will display the tea that I have currently. 

Just Rose Tea from T2
Japanese Green Tea with Roasted Rice
Barley Tea
The reason I avoid coffee is because I'm super sensitive to caffeine. I worry that some tea have caffeine as well.  Because of that I prefer to drink tea before 3-4pm. If I drink any tea after 3pm, I may have a sleepless night and become a zombie the next day. No kidding. 

This are all the tea that I have right now. But in Malaysia I have alot more. Flower tea is my favourite. But apparently flower tea in Australia is quite pricy. The rose tea from T2 was about A$11. In Malaysia, its possible to get a similar rose tea for less than RM20 (A$4-6).

Besides that, my dear friend made me a bentou xD Its the first time that I ever received and eat a bentou. How blessed I am ^-^

Isn't it adorable? xD She even made ribbons for the bunnies LOL. And she gave beef curry if I'm not mistaken. Everything pink. She knows me well ;o)

That's all for this post. TTFN.

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